You are working for the a Sport/Health Department at either

Group work Assessment 2. (40%) Report and presentation of 2 sports/activities/hobbies. Due Tuesday 9th January, 2018 (Week 8) at noon AEST. Part A. Group Business Report (30%) Word limit 3,000 words with 15 references You are working for the a Sport/Health Department at either state or federal level and your manager asks a group of four of you to choose two sports/activities/hobbies, conduct research to answers the questions below and to then present this report to a management panel. Pick two sports/activities/hobbies in which you have participated, or would like to participate in, and conduct research to determine the following: 1. Provide an overview of each sport/activity/hobby and what it entails for the participant. You can look at costs such as time, money and opportunity costs as well as health benefits such as exercise, fresh air and holistic health. There are many other costs and benefits so think broadly about this. 2. Is each a growth sport/activity/hobby in Australia or worldwide? 3. What are the participation trends for each sport/activity/hobby over time? 4. What can you predict might be the future trends in each sport/activity/hobby and why? 5. What would you recommend in terms of future funding needed for each chosen sport? Take the time to research the sport/activity/hobby before starting this assessment to ensure you can find the secondary research needed on each sport/activity/hobby. You must upload this report by the due date Tuesday 9th January, 2018 (Week 8) at noon AEST. Part B. Group Presentation (10%) Maximum 10 slides plus last slide reference list Time limit: 10 minutes Your presentations will take place in your tutorial time if you are an on-campus student or during the distance tutorial time if you are an off-campus student. Presentations start in Week 8 and will continue until all groups have presented. Come to class prepared to present in Week 8 as your Lecturer will randomly decide on the groups presenting each week. If you are ill and cannot attend, you will need to supply a medical certificate if your group was asked to present in the week you were ill. Otherwise, if all the members of your group are not present when asked to present, all group members will score zero marks for the presentation part of the assessment. Please note that Business Report and sides are due on the same day at the same time.

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