yield test

Select one dish and provide a yield test for the main ingredients used. Set yourself commercial time constraints and produce each menu during that time. Use a balanced variety of dishes and ingredients and use the correct methods to work out the costs of supply for the ingredients and the portion yields. Set prices for the menus, considering the desired profit margins and mark-up procedures to make sure the business can make a profit from the dishes.
Evaluate the success of each menu by producing a customer satisfaction survey. Work in groups and role play a staff meeting to discuss each menu and ask for any suggestions for improvements or new menu items. Make sure you take notes from these meetings to inform menu planning. 00,16- 1 Lf.t avuu, jus4 ci2)) (sod (ARAf2.4 cacQg 16-u-R-&– oat (-Nu. Loul C,LIAln-rno akia eto-e),91 1-e,ty 0 ky, a bid di cam- Huy 6iact tQLS ,,,k1