written assessment, to be completed in report format

Referencing Styles : APA This is an individual, written assessment, to be completed in report format. You are required to write between 3,000 and 4,000 words (excluding title page, preliminaries, tables, figures, reference list and appendices). The report requires in-text referencing and a full reference list in APA style. The purpose of this assessment is to present the final report of your Professional Project. This report should build upon your assessment 1 and it should address the campus tutor feedback. In order to successfully complete assessment 2, you are required to carry out the investigation you have proposed in assessment 1 and to write a project report addressing the following: Project title Introduction to your profession (very brief) and to the project report Background and definition of the issue/problem, including a justification why the issue/problem is crucially relevant to your profession Your project’s aim and objectives/research questions A more detailed critical and well-structured literature review A detailed discussion of how you carried out your project (commensurate with a ‘Methodology’ chapter) Findings from your secondary information analysis Discussion of findings in light of previously reviewed literature Conclusion – this may address recommendations for (soon-to-be) professionals, areas of further research, and limitations of your project. Since this assessment is written in report format, it will need to be presented in professional layout, including: title page, executive summary, table of contents, full reference list (at least 20 high-quality academic, peer-reviewed journal articles), and an appendix evidencing your engagement with the campus tutor. Figures, tables and other appendices are optional and should only be used if required. You should use the BUSN20019 logbook (available here) to record your interactions with your campus tutor – PRINT the logbook and bring it to every meeting you have with your tutor. Online students: you should copy email screenshots into the logbook to evidence your interaction with the tutor. ALL students: submit the logbook with your proposal and report (this may mean scanning it in). Assessment criteria (click here to view the marking rubric): Title, background, definition, justification, aim and objectives/research questions Critical literature review Methodology Findings Discussion Introduction and conclusion Written communication, referencing and evidence of tutor engagement

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