Written Assessment

Written Assessment

Part A

Answer each question in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements for each one.

Your task is to manage human resource strategic planning within your organisation.

Research the planning requirements. Put your findings into a report.

Ensure that you describe:

The direction, objectives and targets (2 marks)

Emerging practices and trends (3 marks)

Labour needs (2 marks)

New technology (2 marks)

Changes to industrial and legal requirements. (3 marks)

Develop a human resource strategic plan. Indicate how you will consult with the relevant managers. (20 marks)

How will you implement the human resource strategic plan?

Consider how you will:

Work with others (3 marks)

Monitor the plan (3 marks)

Review the plan (3 marks)

Adapt the plan (3 marks)

Evaluate performance (3 marks)

Part B

What is human resource strategic planning? What may the objectives and targets of the plan relate to? (5 marks)

In order to identify emerging practices and trends, you may need to undertake environmental analysis. How can you do this? What is involved in the process? (5 marks)

Give examples of the different options for sourcing labour supply. (3 marks)

When considering the impact of new technology, what should you think about? (5 marks)

You should be aware of recent and potential changes to industrial and legal requirements. Give two examples of changes that you are aware of. (2 marks)

When consulting with relevant managers, what methods can be used?

What should you inform them about? (4 marks)

What are human resource philosophies and values? (1 mark)

What should the objectives and targets of your plan set out? What will this enable? (3 marks)

Give two examples of the different options for the provisions of human resource services. (4 marks)

What may technology be used to support? (2 marks)

What are the key ingredients of a strategic HR plan? (2 marks)

When developing a risk management plan, what should you ask yourself?

(4 marks)

In order to see that the plan is implemented, you will need to work with others. Who may these be? (5 marks)

Why should you monitor and review the plan? What questions will you need to answer in order to this? (10 marks)

Give two examples of changes in circumstances that may result in your plan needing to be adapted. (4 marks)

What does an evaluation of performance enable you to do? (5 marks)