writing a process analysis paper

For this project, you will be writing a process analysis paper. This should demonstrate everything you have learned in this unit.

Your paper will teach your reader how to perform a process.

The introduction of your paper should begin the paper by telling the reader these things:

The process you will explain

Why the reader should learn how to do this


Process Analysis Essay


How to groom your dog

How ice cream is made

How a cell phone takes pictures

How to make the perfect cup of coffee or tea

How to maintain an eco-friendly and affordable lifestyle

How to build a great sandcastle

How to edit a video

How to build and maintain a stable friendship

How to insert contact lenses

How to wash a sweater

How to remove stubborn stains

How to rent your first apartment

How to avoid a nervous breakdown during exams

How to enjoy the weekend for less than $20

How to make the perfect brownies

  1. Select your own how-to topic.



The body of your essay will explain the steps of the process. You should divide the process up into three to six main steps. Each step will be one paragraph. For each, include these points:

Transition: How is this step connected to the one before it?

How to perform this step of the process

What the reader should be careful about (What would it be easy for the reader to do wrong?)

Any equipment, tools, or utensils they will need

Why this step is essential to the overall process

Transition: How is the next step related to this one?

Your conclusion should consider a form of this unit”s Essential Knowledge Question. In your conclusion, answer the reader who reads your paper and then asks, -What is in it for me?-

This essay should be between 400­-600 words in length. Your final draft should be saved and submitted as .doc or .pdf file. It should be in 12­-point font in Times New Roman.

10% of your grade will be on grammar and mechanics. Write as clearly and correctly as you can. This means that 90% of your grade is based on your ideas ­ however, you will not earn an A if you do not proofread carefully and check for errors.

Most importantly, remember this is a culminating project for your second unit. Your essay should show everything you have learned throughout the class.