Write a rough introduction paragraph for.

Write a rough introduction paragraph for your paper”s topic and include a strong thesis statement as the last sentence. keep in mind that a thesis needs to provide the reader with the author, title, and assertion, as well as make it clear exactly what will be covered in the body of the paper. Remember that you can open with an attention-getting statement, statistic, quote, or example, but your thesis statement should appear as the last sentence of this paragraph. For your thesis statement, be sure to bring focus to your topic by narrowing your paper to one or two issues or key characters. Sample Topic: Cross Cultural ties Sample Thesis (from topic): Both novels have the same cultural roots, but differ due to __A__ and __B__. Topic Suggestions (Feel free to use these topics or to devise your own): Compare and contrast the issue of Minority and Majority between your novel and your assigned readings in this course. Look for similar themes of cross cultural ties between assigned readings and your novel as seen through characters A, B, and C. Color-line Gender roles as illustrated through A, B, and C. My paper will be written on “The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr by Martin Luther King, JR. So please write this assignment about his autobiography with sources cited please. For this assignment, it asks for an introduction paragraph that will be included in my final paper and it needs to have a strong thesis statement as the last sentence that will tell readers what my paper will be about. thanks!

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