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(Dirsework 1 – Discussion Topic (Contracts) (CW1 Button, on your lefirci’ou can then click on your group number (e.g., ‘CW1 – DT: Group 1’), and then Create, or Respond to, a Thread. Note: it would be worthwhile to use citations that are relevant, credible and authoritative (including cases, statutes, academic journal articles, conference papers and books) wherever necessary to back your arguments. Your discussion should be referenced using the Harvard referencing system. If you are unfamiliar with this system, please click on this GCU Harvard Style hyperlink where you will find the new Cite Them Right referencing guide and also receive explanations with examples. There are also Academic Writing Support documents, which are accessible via the GCULearn / Blackboard Communities, on the SEBE Common Room. You may also refer to
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