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Dear Jaspreet,
I fully understand your disappointment. Since I do not take this lightly, I reviewed your report myself – and also asked an independent moderator to review it. Sadly, all of us arrived at the same conclusion.
Your mark suggests that you were not able to translate your workshop learning into the written format. But let’s make sure first that we understood/interpreted all pads of your report correctly. I do not have a problem to correct marks if something was misunderstood or missed. What I am interested in is fairness (and student learning, of course).
Since CJ was your primary marker, could you pls. address his comments in the individual sections & explain that you did what is suggested to be missing/incomplete. Then he can respond to it. Do not hesitate to ask him for clarification if needed. I copied him on this e-mail (see above).
If at all possible, could you pls. do it today? I will not have access to Mark Center from tomorrow afternoon.
Thank you so much, Marta
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