Workplace Safety and Health

Prepare a hazard identification and risk assessment report with recommendations for the control measures to address the hazards and risks in your worksite. Your report may contain the following sections.

  • Introduction Brief introduction of the construction worksite and the proposed project.
  • Key trades and operations Define the key trades and construction involved in the proposed project.
  • Hazards and risks associated with the key trades and activities Identify the WSH hazards present in the current phase of construction in the proposed project. Identify at least one hazard associated with each of the following:
    i. Fall from height
    ii. Plant and machinery
    iii. Struck by or against falling objects
    iv. Chemical hazards
    v. Electrical hazards
    vi. Noise hazards
    vii. Fire and explosion hazards
    viii. Exposure to air contaminants
  • Recommend WSH control measures Reference to section (c) recommends control measures for each of the WSH hazards identified and indicates the Hierarchy of control measures.
  • Communication and consultation Illustrate how you communicate and consult the stakeholders on proposed control measures.
  • Develop organizational risk management plan Develop an organizational risk management plan containing:
    i) Actions to be taken; proposed control measures
    ii) Person(s) responsible in the implementation
    iii) Roles and responsibilities
    iv) Schedule
    v) Prioritisation of action items
    vi) Period for review
    vii) Resources required
  • Monitoring Describe the methods of monitoring for the implementation of control measures in daily work activity.
  • Status Reporting Describe how you plan to report the status of an implementation plan to the management