Work Placement Learning Plan

Work Placement Learning Plan (cont.)
Development Goals (Developmental goals relate to desired growth in personal and professional capabilities as demonstrated by behaviours reflecting improved attitudes, attributes, skills and knowledge. However, in order to achieve your goals, it must involve establishing specific, measurable, realistic and time-targeted objectives. Provide details on what actions you plan to undertake to achieve these goals and indicate the evidence you will use to show you have attained your goal).
Include a range of different developmental goals that are appropriate to your placement. Objectives one to three are (please add more if required):
Goal 1:
I will perform by day-to-day activities quickly and with more efficiency.
To achieve this objective, I will: strengthen my skills in tools like Excel, outlook and Oracle which are used everyday in my work.
Evidenced by: Gaurav Gupta
Goal 2:
I will give attention to detail, As an administrative assistant, I manage many tasks, which is why attention to detail is an important skill to improve upon and have. This is why I set performance goals that practice attention to detail.
To achieve this objective, I will, be Sending month end report with decreased errors and accurate figures.
Evidenced by Gaurav Gupta.
Goal 3:
I will give my best towards Problem solving. Means, I will be assessing an issue and critically think of ways to resolve it. I will ensure to resolve any department-related issues in a reasonable manner.
To achieve this objective, I will submit my business analysis report timely with effective business-problem solutions.
Evidenced by Gaurav Gupta
Agreed to by: Workplace Supervisor: _Mr._Gaurav Gupta Student: _Miss. Sanya Mahajan RMIT WIL Coordinator:
Date: 14-10-22
Please forward copies of your completed form (with signatures) to your School’s WIL Coordinator