with page numbers (Up to 3 headings. Do not create this manually)

Guidelines for the final report of ITC 571 Title A concise topic, indicating what the report is about Neither too specific nor too broad. No more than 15 words. Table of Contents (on a separate page) List of major headings with page numbers (Up to 3 headings. Do not create this manually) Click References/ Table of Contents/ Insert Table of Contents Abstract (200~250 maxium) (on a separate page) A concise summary of the main findings (3 paras) • Main Aims (Why) • Methods (How)- only for students conducting a survey or interviews • Key findings/Results (What) • Implications/recommendations (so What) (Mainly use present tenses but past tense in the method. It can be written later although presented first with no references. Do not use bullet points for the findings) 1. Introduction (500-600 maximum) (4 paras using the following subheadings) 1.1. Background to the report Outlines broad and specific contexts/ backgrounds including defining terms. 1.2. Issues and previous solutions • Briefly identify issues and provide existing solutions 1.3. Significance of the project • Briefly evaluate the solutions to identify gaps and highlight the significance of your study 1.4. Aims • Purpose and specific aims • Scope if necessary & Expected outcomes (You can use some of the introduction from the literature review). 2.Literature Review (LR) (topic specific) (1000-1200) • Broad • Specific Should be critical, finding gaps from previous research Reduce the LR from the previous LR Use subheadings> headings should have specific topics such as 2.1 Previous work / related work relevant research/studies on the issues with… 2.2 2.3. At the end of the LR, you need to clearly demonstrate weaknesses/ shortcomings / incompleteness of the previous work 3. Methodology (Depending on the nature of the report) (~500) This section is only for those who incorporate primary sources such as interviews and a survey into your work. Briefly formulate research questions or referring to the aims. 3.1. Design: Explain how data was collected based on Who (participants), Where (site), When, How (email, Survey Monkey, direct contacts etc). 3.2. Method: • Explain which approaches such as quantitative (e.g. survey), qualitative (interview, focus group) or both were used and why. • Explain briefly a survey or interview questions ( Indicate that you put this in the Appendix) • Explain how data was analysed using tools such as SPSS, Excel, regression analysis (Quantitative approach) and content/ thematic analysis (Qualitative approach) You can demonstrate that there are gaps between survey results and literature review 3/4. A proposed/ an enhanced/ improved model (topic specific) (1000-1500) 4.1 Justifications for the new/ updated model (from the conclusion part of the literature review) 4.2 Introduce and explain the model, clearly indicating which areas or aspects have been improved or added. 4.3 highlight some strengths of the model compared to previous models. 4.4 4/5. Implementation of the model (depending on your report) (~500) • Presents findings of the research focusing on facts only with no interpretations (Uses graphic forms. eg. Tables & Diagrams, Graphs) see below * If you do not experiment or apply the proposed model, then ignore this section 5/6. Evaluation of the model (Topic specific) (~750) • Present an interpretation and evaluation of the model proposed relating back to the literature review. • You can draw together different aspects of the findings from the survey or LR and compare the model proposed to other models proposed from the studies from the literature 6/7. Conclusion with Recommendations (~350 ) Two paras • Reiterate the purpose of the research • Summarise results/findings • Acknowledge limitations of the research (the model or methods) • Suggest the future direction • What needs to be done as a result of your findings focusing on the weaknesses identified References (on a separate page) Double lines between and within All In-text references used in your report should match with the reference list on the back of your report. Please follow APA 6th version. (Please access Interact 2.csu.edu.au/organisation/i-learn site/ ASDP material/ W1 and W4 for the APA 6th version and other relevant materials for report writing) Appendices Any additional material which will add to your report *(Place tables and illustrations as close as possible to the text they refer to. Clearly indicate Figures and Diagrams are generated by you or adopted/ modified from previous work) or cited without altering (need to reference including pages and titles of them). Attention !!! This is a generic format of your assignment. You can modify the format flexibly depending on your nature of work. However, you need to stick to the basic format. When you use headings, you should use SPECIFIC titles depending on your research

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