widely circulated photographic image

Prompt: Choose a widely circulated photographic image (not something only shared to friends) from within the last year and explain its myth. Break down the photo using those semiotics related terms and methods relevant to your purpose of articulating and analyzing the specific cultural message of the photos myth and how the image attempts to convey it. Write a 4- page analytical essay (12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins) The papercomplete with an introduction, thesis, and conclusionshould demonstrate your clear understanding of the topic as well as how effectively you use concepts derived from readings and lecture to provide depth, insight, and support for your analysis. You will be evaluated on the basis of your argumentation, fulfillment of the prompt, use of supporting materials, and clarity and organization. See the second page for the grading criteria. Define all concepts you use in your own words in order to demonstrate your knowledge of the material. Your essay must make meaningful reference to the articles or book chapters assigned for this class. Rely on lecture or discussion only for ideas not discussed in the readings. Write as if for a general audience and assume that your reader does not know the subject area. You do not need outside sources for this paper, though you may use them. Be sure to give sufficient identification within the text for each reference you make to readings, lecture, or discussion.Include in-text citations and an alphabetized bibliography of all sources you cite (including those from class). Use a recognizable scholarly format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). Remember that failure to properly cite ideas or exact wording from other texts constitutes plagiarism, which is a major academic violation. https://time.com/time-person-of-the-year-2017-silence-breakers/ https://money.cnn.com/2017/12/06/media/time-person-of-the-year-2017/index.html * For citation: the book is called Practices of Looking by Marita Sturken & Lisa Cartwright Essay outline
Thesis = topic+claim+reasons or so what
Encapsulate argument, will apply Barthes tools of semiotics (signifiers, signified, myths) then apply the connection
Focus on core argument, what are broader lessons that you can draw from case 2. PRIMARY SIGNIFICATION
Primary signifiers: colors, shapes, objects, composition
The individual elements that build to signified
(ie adult women, black dresses)
Primary signified: the denotative image (describing an image without additional commentary, its literal meaning, very easy to interpret) 3. SECONDARY SIGNIFICATION: the denotative image/ what the image tells us Secondary signifiers: the denotative message/ what message is telling us
Connotation: describes an image we are supposed to associate with sign, how its supposed to make us feel 4. MYTH: (Barthes) refers to the cultural values and beliefs that are expressed through connotation. Myth is the hidden set of rules and conventions through which meanings, which are specific to certain groups are made to seem more natural, universal, and given for a whole society
It is the larger message
It communicates through cultural knowledge
It usually references multiple beliefs, attitudes, and values
portrayal of a reality
photographer trying to convey how the world is
what media maker is communicating to the viewer culturally
Requires knowledge of current historical times/ significance of codes that we know because how history has unfolded
cultural codes you pick up on to understand image An image of a groundbreaking person have graced the cover of Time magazine throughout its history,
In 2017, Time magazine shows a group of women sitting together
so many women – although may not be well known- have experienced sexual assault, sexual assault can happen to anyone even celebrities , women share a common traumatic experience
exposing and standing up against sexual assault
The Silence Breakers
Raise public awareness and prompt demands for justice
#metoo movement -Ideologies (NAME MULTIPLE IDEOL