Whistler Outdoor Music Festival


Project Title: Whistler Outdoor Music Festival Date Prepared: 10/20/2022



Product Scope Description:

The Project Product of this project is a total 18-hour, outdoor live concert/music festival from August 23rd, 2023 – August 24th, 2023.  Taking place in Whistler BC, and with a total budget of $350,000.00, the estimated number of attendees is slated at 12,500 people. The festival will include multiple genres of music, as well as multiple stages placed throughout the venue grounds.


The projects over all objectives are the steps leading to the festival, apart from performers contracts and accommodations. Mainly, the project will help to prepare areas, such as the development of venue/event site, development of venue/event infrastructure, food and beverages operations, transportation, and security.



Row Deliverable


Acceptance Criteria




Setting up the Venue –          Must have be out door

–          Must accommodate 4 stages

–          Must accommodate 3 Concessions

–          Must accommodate 2 Merch Stands

–          Must be accommodate 13,000 personnel



Setting up the Stages –          Must be 4 stages as stated above

–          Must be equipped with power

–          Must be equipped with lighting apparatus

–          Must be 5 feet high

–          Must be 2500 SQFT each



Ticket Sales –          Must have tickets in digital formats

–          Must have tickets in hard copy format also

–          Must sell at least at least 80% of all tickets

–          Must have festival logo on all formats

–          Must close all sales 3 days prior to festival



Promotion Materials –          Must have printed promotion

–          Must have digital promotion

–          Must have sent out/posted by May 15th, 2023



Human Resource Management –          Must have 2 HR Manager

–          HR Managers must have minimum 5 year ‘Event Planning’ experience

1.6 Performers –          Must be 6 different genres

–          Must enter into contract

–          Must have performed at outdoor venue prior

1.7 The Event –          Must begin on August 23rd, 2023

–          Must end on August 24th, 2023

–          Must be all ages Event



Post-Festival Services –          Must have everything cleaned up by August 25th, 2023


1.9 Project Management –          Must have Minimum 5 years experience in Event Planning and coordinating

Project Exclusions & Limitations:

–          Artist to arrange their own liability insurance

–          Music Engineering/DJ

–          Artist and staff to provide their own meal (50% discount provided)

–          Vendors to contribute 30% revenue to festival fund

–          Project Manager hold no legal liability for artist ‘no show’




The stakeholders are individuals or organizations involved in the project, and/or those whose interests are directly influenced by the project’s success and completion. The key stakeholders in Whistler Outdoor Music Festival are:

  • Music Promoters
  • Subcontractors
  • Festival grounds (property) owners
  • Attendees
  • Music Artists
  • Food Vendors/Suppliers
  • Project staff and management team responsible for the planning process for the music festival.
  • Municipality of Whistler BC
  • Local community (economy)
  • Subcontractors – various subcontractors who will be hired during the duration of the project to perform the task involved (concession, merchandise etc.)
  • Environmentalists
  • Project Sponsor
  • Investors




1.0)              Whistler Outdoor Music Festival 2023


1.1)              Venue

1.2)              Setting up the Stages

1.3)              Tickets

1.4)              Promotion

1.5)              HRM

1.6)              Performance

1.7)              The Event

1.8)              Post Festival

1.9)              Project Management



1.1.1) Procure Materials

1.1.2) Install Power to Staging Areas

1.1.3) Install Restrooms/Water Supply

1.1.4) Install Temp Fence & Gates


1.2.1) Contact Stage Companies

1.2.2) Deliver Materials

1.2.3) Setup Stages

1.2.4) Setup Lighting

1.2.5) Setup Barriers

1.2.6) Rent Equipment

1.2.7) Setup Equipment


1.3.1) Design Tickets

1.3.2) Contact Printing Companies

1.3.3) Select Company

1.3.4) Print Tickets

1.3.5) Contact Distribution Center

1.3.6) Setup Payment Portal

1.3.7) Distribute Tickets


1.4.1) Design Advertisement

1.4.2) Contact Printing/Media Companies

1.4.3) Select Companies

1.4.4) Post on Social media

1.4.5) Distribute Print Promotion

1.4.6) Post Adds in Local Paper


1.5.1) Identify Personnel Needs

1.5.2) Develop Job Descriptions

1.5.3) Determine Number of Workers Needed

1.5.4) Conduct Interviews

1.5.5) Hire

1.5.6) Establish Schedule


1.6.1) Contact Artist Reps

1.6.2) Contact Transportation Companies

1.6.3) Coordinate Arrival Times

1.6.4) Sound Check

1.6.5) Provide Transport to Venue


1.7.1) Contact Security Companies

1.7.2) Assign Coordinators

1.7.3) Start the Event

1.7.4) End the Event


1.8.1) Dismantle Equipment

1.8.2) Dismantle Stages

1.8.3) Dismantle Temp Power

1.8.4) Dismantle Restrooms/Water Supply

1.8.5) Final Clean Up

1.8.6) Terminate Employment


1.9.1) Deliver Profit/Loss Report to Customer