What networks do you and/or your organisation currently belong to?

Referencing Styles : Harvard Your overall assignment is to:1. reflect on and respond to the assignment questions on business networks2. research and participate in a networking event You will then write a detailed report with your responses to the assignment questions and an analysisof the networking event. This report must discuss the points listed below, and you will need to provide documentation of the event and contacts made. ILSC Business College BSBREL401A V1 July 2013 Procedure 1. Develop and maintain business networks. In this part, you will identify the skills required to identify networks that will benefit you and help develop and maintain your skills and knowledge 1. Think about business networks available to you. What networks do you and/or your organisation currently belong to? How were these contacts developed? 2. List the network strategies that you could use to develop new networks and contacts 3. For each of the networking strategies listed above, explain how they help promote an organization and its objectives. 4. List the interpersonal skills required to effectively develop network contacts. 5. Describe how information on new contacts should be shared, recorded and communicated with other people in your company. 6. Explain why it is important to share new contact information with people in your company. What are the benefits to the company? 7. List a minimum of 3 networks in which you could participate to build and maintain personal knowledge and skills. In your report, summarise the networks you found in a table, including the network name, date, cost and a brief summary of its purpose and objectives. 2. Establish and maintain business relationships . In this part, you will analyse the ways to maintain and develop healthy business relationships through effective communication skills. 1. What kinds of professional contacts / relationships do you have? They may be educational,business or related to personal interests and skills. List your most important contacts. 2. Explain why each of these relationships is important. Describe how you manage them to develop and maintain the relationship and build trust. 3. Describe a challenge you have experienced in keeping a professional relationship healthy. How did you overcome the problem? Describe how you managed the conflict. 4. Communication breakdowns may occur in any business relationship. Create an action plan for managing business relationships more effectively. What steps can you take to help buildhealthy business relationships and resolve conflicts? 3. Promote the relationship (1.4, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, RS1, 2, 3, 4, 5, RK2, 3) In this part, you will identify and participate in a networking event. You will also develop a strategy for how to effectively promote yourself (and your company) and how to receive and use feedback effectively.You will participate in a networking event. Before the event, you must establish yourcommunication strategy. 1. At the networking event, how will you represent and promote yourself? How will you present your interests? 2. At the networking event, you will be presenting yourself as well as representing ILSC. How can you use your presentation skills, personal appearance and body language to effectively promote yourself and ILSC? 3. At the networking event, you may experience communication barriers. Describe 2 barriers you may experience and explain how you will overcome these barriers to promote yourself effectively. Barriers to communication How can you come the barrier to ensure the relationship is promoted effectively? 4. Feedback on your presentation skills is very important for improving your communication skills. How can you get feedback on your communication and networking skills? List 2 ways. 5. At the networking event, describe how you can monitor your effectiveness at promoting yourself. How can this feedback help you improve your performance in networking? 6. Now its time to participate in a networking event and establish communication channels with new contacts. It may be one from your research or one your trainer assigns. At the event, you must:  Gain information from attendees to build your knowledge of the market  Establish face-to-face connections and communication channels (exchange business cards or contact info) with a minimum of 3 contacts Summarise your participation in the event in your report. Describe how you made contacts, developed rapport and established trust with the new contacts: Task 2 Theory exam Q1. List 5 strategies to establish and maintain business networks (1.1, 1.2, RK2) Q2. How does networking benefit a business and its business objectives? List 3 benefits of networking Q3. List 5 networking opportunities you could use to make new business contacts and maintain your knowledge and skills. Q4. When developing networks it’s essential to develop networks consistent with your company’s requirements. List 2 typical requirements an organisation requires for business networks. Q5. List 3 policies and procedures which often govern networking activities in a business. Q6. Below is a list of 3 common business contacts. Explain why these contacts are important and how to manage them to maintain their trust. Q7. List 4 interpersonal skills required to gain and maintain the trust of business contacts. Occasionally, problems can arise with business contacts. For example, a valued client may move to a competitor. List a difficult contact situation. Briefly describe the steps you would take to resolve the problem. Q9. List 3 strategies you should use to represent your company and promote a good relationship with business contacts Q10. Explain how the following written and spoken communication skills can help promote the relationship and its goals and objectives Q11. List 3 common barriers to communication and how to overcome them. Q12. List 3 ways you can collect feedback to develop and improve communications. Q13. Explain how the feedback you listed in question 12 could help you improve your performance networking and promoting the business. .

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