Wharf has 9 deep sea berths could be used for importing, due to the raw material and

Accessibility: Location: thehotellocatedinChippendale, atthesouthofO’ConnorStreet, north of Dick Street, east to Abercrombie Street, west to Balfour Street. Can be shown in following picture. This area is near to Central Park, which in the downtown area.Because of the convenient traffic condition all around.  Sea Transportation: Closing to Pyrmont Bay Wharf, with approximately 2km distance.Pyrmont Bay Wharf has 9 deep sea berths could be used for importing, due to the raw material and furniture to build the hotel are mostly by ocean carriage from Asia. The wharf supplying a significant benefit to establish the hotel with a low-cost material transportation.  Land Transportation: The short distance (2km to site from quay)provides an efficient way for trucking service, also means material transportation can be conveyed rapidly and cost effectively.Moreover, the site is situated between four streets, offering several route plans for truck transferring. The plans can be used to avoid traffic congestion, reducing time and cost losses. The site is in a flat area, with very low gradients, the even place provides an easy operation for plants or machines both on the site and access to the site. The site access roads are most (3 of 4) double lane, the heavy plants and equipment could uncomplicated egress and ingress. Although the site is in the city center area, the construction site is large enough for material storage in the planned area. The total plan area of the site is about 4000m2, the built area is rough 1600m2, that leaving anenough room for material storage. The curfew time of NSW is 6pm to next day 7am on weekdays and Saturdays, 1pm to next day 8am on Sundays. The construction time would keep away from the curfew time, especially the heavy plant operation, unless the process is behind of schedule a lot.

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