Web Development Report

MANM468 Web Development Report
The web development report is based on personal reflections from your experience
building and designing websites as part of the LAB Web Development Tutorial. You
can write either in first or third-person.
In the tutorial, you developed experience building and designing websites which are
key digital skills. You also have opportunity to consider the wider context about how
web development may be used as part of a digital marketing strategy. This should
be part of your personal reflections
Key topics which you should include in discussion the following:
Discuss the use and functions of HTML, CSS and javascript for web
Discuss how to structure text in HTML with reference to tags, elements and
Compare and contrast classes in CSS vs. ID selectors in HTML for formatting
Discuss different forms styling including in-line CSS, internal CSS and external
CSS and compare classes to ID selectors;
Discuss how display property formatting is affected by block, line and in-line
blocks and provide examples;
Compare and contrast the use of static, absolute and relative positioning for CSS
styling using examples;
Discuss Bootstrapping and how it can be used to simplify web design using
examples such as bootstrap buttons and containers;
Discuss the principles for web design including steps like wireframing and relate
to user experience;
Case study
Discuss how web design process can be applied for digital marketing strategy in a
business context; the case study can be based on your designated company from the
Corporate Challenge or can be a different example. You should demonstrate how
insight from your experience in the tutorial may improve digital marketing strategy.