visiting Project Management professional

In week three of semester you are required to attend a guest lecture by a visiting Project Management professional. You must reflect on their presentation and the project management profession and present your analysis in a business report. Your report must draw on their experience (key points from the presentation), demonstrate research into project management (citations and references) and present thoughtful discussion and analysis of key themes in project management.

This is an individually prepared assessment task. The report must be at least 1500 words in length, contain a logical structure (headings and sub headings) and be written in professional business English. This assessment task is worth twenty per cent your final mark for this unit.

Learning objectives

After successfully completing this assessment task, you should be able to:

ï‚· Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Project Management profession

ï‚· Discuss, analyse and reflect on professional practice

ï‚· Communicate using professional business language in written format


This assessment task must be completed individually. It should be 2,000 words in length and provide Harvard format references for all references cited within the body of your report. At a minimum you must provide Harvard format citations and references to show where your background research was sourced.

You must include an appropriate introduction to the report to provide context for the reader. It must describe why the report has been written and what it contains in an opening paragraph. This should be followed by a brief background section (in your own words) in the report that provides a brief biography of the speaker and their work place.

The body of your report should contain a discussion and analysis of the key points relating to the Project Management profession that were communicated in the presentation and question time. The report must finish with a conclusion that summarises key points from your discussion.

You must include references to demonstrate research relating to the discussion and analysis. You should aim to paraphrase sources where possible, writing the report in your own words and including citations and corresponding reference list entries to demonstrate research where appropriate. Your report must be submitted to Dropbox at VU Collaborate. The similarity index must not exceed twenty per cent.

The report should be written in the third person (e.g. do not use I, we or our). You should write in simple, professional business language. As noted in the marking criteria overleaf, marks are awarded for report clarity, structure, relevant discussion and analysis of the project management profession and conclusions. The criteria awards up to a total of twenty marks which equates to twenty per cent of the final unit assessment