Vision and Opportunity

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BUS 2003 Fundamentals of Innovation SE Entrepreneurship
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Vision and Opportunity • The siude.ltarly at least 3 of their career and/or educational goab oiler gradUaling • The student Mows dciail ihcir apaw, the, values. and Mciiwion. Also. lista 3 kcy questions that guide iheir choices 11 Cal questions OW serve as touchstones to direct I • melee from the current joh .. This must align nsideration their
Marketing and Implementation Strategy • The student ha, / rwaed Wcir market positioning statement, directed in a 10 poilictical employer, industry, organWation, or world at lare, • Impelling value Jun they will nd society. differentiate from other UAE
RIaW and nillin•non • the student ciculy idea chnekpoinin inlken Plan
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• alfecistuncog meetm are clearly mentioned IPosawniY nra,n^e40, • Thn slant has developed 3 contingency and risk mitigation
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