virtual machine

Let me recap the hints that I gave you a few weeks ago.

1. Student and other tables.

The Oracle software in the virtual machine (VM) is a bit different from APEX. Please create tables using the SQL Plus in the VM (same login details as Forms such as scott, tiger). SQL Plus is a popular environment within which you can enter all SQL statements. Although SQL Plus looks different from APEX, SQL statements are the same. I suggest you use the VM’s Notepad as the editing tool and you can copy and paste between Notepad and SQLplus. Ctrl V may not work, but you can put cursor at the top of the SQL Plus window (blue title bar) and right click your mouse, then click Edit followed by paste. Save your SQL script using VM’s Notepad.

When you create the Student table, use varchar2 as the data type for sId. Some data validation may be done in SQL but it may be easier/better to do it in Forms by writing triggers or using LOV.

2. After the tables are created, you then insert some test data into the tables by using SQL INSERT statements within SQL Plus. After all the INSERT statements are issued, finally issue a commit statement (commit;) to ensure your data are saved permanently.

3. Form A

Form A is a form for data entry and update used by people who do not know Oracle and SQL. The data entry person will want to enter a new student into your table by using this form only, or update a student’s details etc.

4. For Form B, the assignment specification requires a two block form. A student block should be based on the Student table and an attendance block is based on the Attendance table (not on the Sessions table). In the worksheet you created a similar two block form (department and employee).

Form B also asks you to display items such as the session type, which exists in the Sessions table. So you will need to create such an item manually and put it in the Attendance block. As such an item does not exist in the Attendance table on which the attendance block is based,  it should be set as a non-database item in the property palette (recall that you created a non-database item called Monthly in the worksheet).

So the attendance block contains both database items and non-database items. To display a non-database item such as session type, you will need to write a trigger to retrieve data into the item from the Sessions table.

5. You should be able to do Form C (Menu) as the worksheet has included all the codes.

6. Forms Builder includes HELP, which can be useful to you (click Help and then Online Help, and you can search a topic).