variants can be from three different cultures

For this essay, you must compare three versions (“variants”) of the same tale type collected in three different locales. The variants can be from three different cultures, or from a single culture. Many folktale collections provide an index at the back of the book that identifies the included stories by ATU (Aarne-Thompson-Uther) number. But because library access is highly impeded during the coronavirus pandemic, you may use D. L. Ashiman’s curated online aggregations of tales as your source. Some prime examples to choose from in his online repository are the following:
a variety of versions of the story Cinderella (ATU 510A)
Once you have identified the three versions you wish to compare, compare them in terms of plot and characterization. What values do they seem to encode? In what ways do they seem to offer a commentary on proper living? Respond in your essay to Bengt Holbek’s dictum that “The symbolic elements of fairy tales convey emotional impressions of beings, phenomena, and events in the real world, organized in the form of fictional narrative sequences which allow the narrator to speak of the problems, hopes and ideals of the community.” This will be part 1 of the essay. It should be between 650-750 words.
For part 2, use library research engines like the MLA International Bibliography or Google Scholar to find at least two articles that discuss aspects of this tale type and incorporate a discussion of this scholarship into your essay. These sources, as well as details of the tale versions you analyze must be included in your essay’s bibliography. This part should be 1200 words maximum.
Part 2 is an extension of Part 1, and is due on Oct 9th, so you’ll have ample of time to work on it.
Part 1 is due on Sept 30th.