Values and Ethics

Values and Ethics – Major Assessment (Group)This is a team based
assessment. A maximum of four team members Once teams are formed, they are
locked in and cannot be changed without the approval of your lecturer. It is each team
member’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of what their role is within
the team. Confidential peer review will form part of your individual mark. If
an individual does not contribute to the task they can expect to be awarded a
zero for this assessment. What if I have a
problem within my team?If you have any
concern/s about a team member’s contribution to the assessment task, you are
recommended to approach the lecturer and state your concerns. To help substantiate
performance issues, you should keep a diary of all groups activities. Include
emails sent to team members supporting agreed outcomes of meetings, etc. You should highlight
concerns well well beforethe due date (defined as at least 2 week
before the due date). Your Task Select an
organisation that you are either familiar with (you may, or may have, worked
there) or have researched. Ideally choose an organisation within the
professional services sector (eg: Financial, Legal, insurance, medical, etc).
You may choose to focus on an organization in another industry but you should
seek advice from your lecturer first. For this
organisation, identify ethical issues or aspects from a range of areas covered
in the lectures. These include:- 1. Ethics at the
Individual Level 2. The dynamic of
Groups and Ethics in the organisation 3. The
Organisational Ethics Construct (How does the organisation ensure ethical
behaviours?) In your response you
should:- A. Identify and
define the Stakeholders and their stake. B. Determine the key
issues facing management when managing these stakeholders. C. Evaluate the
Stakeholder value management response. This may include:- (i) rational,
process and transactional levels (ii) stakeholder
inclusiveness and relationships (iii) stakeholder
power: awareness, knowledge, admiration, action (iv) monitoring and
communicating with stakeholders (v) winning
stakeholder support (vi) tangible and
intangible resources to deliver stakeholder value D. For the following
Stakeholders, identify, discuss and evaluate the organisation’s ethical
construct. (i) Shareholders (ii) Customers (iii) Employees (iv) Suppliers (v) Community
(Publics) (vi) Determine
associated accounting constrains and enabling processes You may decide to take on the role of a consultant and
conduct an ‘ethical health check’ of the organisation incorporating the above
elements. Another approach may
be to identify a ‘star performing’ organisation or Strategic Business Unit
within the organiastion and use it to benchmark the industry. Make appropriate
recommendations based on your findings. You are required to
prepare a report based on the above incorporating relevant theory and
additional readings when analysing your chosen company. 4,000 word written
report demonstrating critical ethical analysis benchmarking relevant
organisational strategy against best practice. You will be required to analyse
and critique financial forecasting techniques in your report. You will be required
to choose an organisation in the Professional Services sector. You must seek
approval from your lecturer for your chosen organisation. You must identify
and choose your case study by Week 6. Bring a detailed brief to class on this
date. Tutorial time will be spent addressing any key issues or any problems you
may have. This assignment
is due Friday of Week 10 (upload on moodle).
3,000 words, appropria