USW Global Strategy
Edumundo BV
Game location
Dear Management Team, welcome on board!
Welcome on your first day as the new management team of this company. For the upcoming
years, the company’s fate is in your hands. It’s your goal to increase the value of this company by
beating your direct competitors.
PS: below you’ll read in 5 steps how to get started.
Good luck!
USW Global Strategy Simulation 2022
How to start
Use the details top right to access the game:
Click around
Click around the game. You’ll notice there is a main and sub menu.
Analyse current company
Go to ‘Results’ to analyse the financial situation of your company. If you go to ‘Sales & Inventory’, you’ll notice
e.g. that you have an unsold inventory of 84 pieces of the first product. Add the 500 ordered in the previous
year (by the previous management) and you’ll notice you’re supplying the market with 584 pieces.
Determine strategy
Go to ‘Strategy’ to determine the strategies which are shown. Keep in mind that every round new strategies
could become visible.
Take decisions
Every round you have to take, or fine-tune, all ‘Decisions’. Please note that if you order products (go to
‘Purchase’), they’ll be delivered NEXT year. Make sure you ‘read’ the market using ‘Market Research’ to make
sure your inventory and prices do not get to high (or low!).
Please note: Delivery delay when you purchase products!