User Involvement Existing approach.

1805ICT – Human Computer Interaction ePortfolio Design Brief – Stage 2 Max Mark Prototype Prototype is correctly developed and at least 3 examples are included 10 Prototype is sufficient for product and based on research 10 Discussion – User Involvement Existing approach is described 5 Optimal approach is defined and accurate for project 10 Test Plan Purpose and goals are clearly defined 1 Participant characteristics are appropriate to project and testing needs 1 Method is correct and appropriate 3 Task list is detailed and adequate for testing 3 Data to be collected is appropriate for testing goals 3 Summary of test results is clear and detailed 3 Pictures and consent forms are included 3 Analysis of results is clear and correctly based on data & recommendations are given based on results 3 Discussion – Accessibility Appropriate accessibility implications are described 8 Ease of interaction is correctly described, and changes identified 7 Discussion – Domains Domain implications are accurate and appropriate 8 Opportunities are clearly identified 7 Discussion – Emerging Technology Product transformation from an emerging technology is clearly and accurately described 7 Opportunities using emerging technology are presented 8 Deduction of up to 5 marks for errors in spelling, grammar, presentation, and document standards Total Marks 100

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