Used (catalogue, shopping cart, contact us,

COIT20250 E-Business Systems Marking Guide for Assessment-3 Assessment Items Marks available Marks Achieved PART-A (20 Marks) E-business Prototype Website Solution (design, configure and populate) 7 Joomla Extensions Used (catalogue, shopping cart, contact us, customer registration and other appropriate extensions) 7 Site Map 1 Description of Project Reflections 2.5 Listing and Explaining the Resources Used 2.5 PART-B (30 Marks) Executive Summary 4 Introduction (including aim, objectives, scope and limitations) 3 Background of the report topic (including e-business proposal/planning, e-business strategies) 3 Discussions of proposed solution including but not limited to;  e-business model(s), e-business marketing,  e-business infrastructure (such as hardware, software, resource requirements),  e-business payment system(s),  e-business legal, security, privacy and other issues, and  e-business benefits that will be derived from the implementation of your, e-business prototype website solution, 12 Conclusions and Recommendations 4 Report Formatting/Layout including  Report Cover Page, Table of Contents (1 mark)  Overall quality, look and feel of the report (1 mark) 2 Reference List (Harvard style) 2 Total marks available 50 Marker’s comments:

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