use of project management tools

For this assignment, you are to evaluate the challenges of use of project management tools within a particular project-based organization. You will create an outline of an integrated project plan to submit as an Appendix at the end of your paper. Refer to “Teradyne Corporation: The Jaguar Project” case. In a 1,500-2,500-word paper, analyze the case from a project management perspective by responding to the following questions below. Be sure to formulate your responses based the project management concepts you have learned from experience and on the content thus far in the course: Provide a brief introduction (short paragraph) outlining your paper. Do not summarize the case. Prior to implementation of the new strategy and structure at Teradyne, what specific product development challenges existed? Referring to the issues facing the software development team (see 3rd paragraph from the bottom on page 9 on the case), how would you as a project manager address the situation (note: refer to the “Key Aspects of a Successful Project Manager” section in the Topic 7 Lecture)? Create an integrated project plan outline as an appendix to your paper. Address ideas that would have prevented the situation in the case. Referring to “Reflections on the Project,” provide three key challenges moving forward for the organization and how you, as project manager, would attempt to address them. Provide a brief conclusion (short paragraph) summarizing your paper. Provide a References List and cite each reference at least once in your paper. Provide at least six citations, excluding the citations listed in this assignment (no Wikipedia citations allowed). NOTE: this assignment has to do with reading the attached Teradyne Corporation I could not download the doc so took screenshots.