use horror stories and fairy tales

OVERVIEWWriters old and new use horror stories and fairy tales to not only make sense of the world, but to critique society. They expose how others are created, discriminated against, scapegoated, and far worsereviled, persecuted, raped, and even killed. They highlight issues and that are often denied or hidden, such as homoerotic desire. They also use their pens to question class and social structures as well as the nature of what is real and what is not. And, finally, writers like Angela Carter and Emma Donoghue update horror stories and fairy tales to completely alter the lessons and outcomes typically conveyed in patriarchal societies in order give voice and power to women and those so often marginalized in the classic versions of these texts. As scholar Kelli Link insists, tales of the fantastic such as those we have read are necessarily in conversation with each other, dependent on each other to achieve their effects. They speak to common themes and carry them further or spin them in new directions. In this final project, your task is to analyze new and old versions of fairy tales. What do fairy tales reveal about our society and our values? Why did Donoghue and Carter feel the need to update them? What themes and motifs do the stories have in common and, equally important, how are these themes and motifs treated differently and to what effect?Choose from one of the following options:Cinderella and The Tale of the Shoe
Beauty and the Beast original stories/origins and The Tale of the Rose and/or The Courtship of Mr. Lyon
Bluebeard and The Bloody ChamberIn a fiercely original, thesis-driven, and well supported essay, please complete this research paper by answering the following prompt.
Gender/feminist theory
Queer theory
Relevant biographical information about the authors
Relevant historical context
Relevant critical theory and/or literary criticism
A minimum of three secondary sources in addition to the primary texts
Close reading of the updated versions
A minimum of seven full pages, plus a separate Wo