upgrade of the current administration systems

Your project Steve Parsons has appointed you as Project Manager and given you the task of overseeing the upgrade of the current administration systems of Swaggies. You are required to undertake a review of the current systems and evaluate what is required to efficiently implement the proposed changes in the company’s operations. You should then obtain quotations from various sources for the supply and/or installation of the proposed systems, keeping in mind the budgetary restraints given below. An outline of the implementation process is required, including contingency plans and proposals for ongoing monitoring of the systems. Steve recognises the fact that the current systems are totally inadequate and will allow a generous budget provided that you are able to justify the expenditure to ensure that the new systems will allow Swaggies to efficiently meet their new goals. Please complete Part A and B in business report format. A separate report is required for each part. A sample report structure is available on the OLS. Part A – Plan/Review Administration System Steve Parsons has asked you to review the current processes in place and recommend more effective systems that will ensure Swaggies is able to meet its new research, marketing and manufacturing goals. You should submit a report that includes the following: An overview of the current systems which identifies the existing problems. Include at least four (4) issues. An outline of the consultation process with stakeholders and system users. Include management, employees, suppliers and customers. Also include the method of consultation, for example meetings, questionnaires. An overview of the areas within the current system which you recommend for an upgrade. Detailed recommendations for proposed changes/upgrades to the current system. Include system specifications such as software and three (3) recommendations. An outline of legislation that may impact the implementation of the new system. For example WHS requirements, Privacy Act. Include three (3). Part B – Source suppliers At this point you can assume that Steve Parsons has accepted your recommendations outlined in Part A. You are required to provide details of possible suppliers for the new/upgraded systems in a report to Steve.