Unit 1 Capstone Project

For this course project, you will select a hypothetical hospital that is failing in your area. You will prepare a report on how you will examine the challenges faced by the hospital and recommend ways to turn the hospital around to make it successful. You will proceed with the project as guided and provide vital information from your research and real-life experience to fill in gaps where necessary. By the end of the first week, you should submit a complete outline and topic for the project. You have recently graduated from AIU with a bachelor”s degree in healthcare management (BHCM). After going to a job fair, a medium-sized hospital group has called you back to look over its systems. Your first job is to do a complete analysis of the systems. For the Unit 1 Capstone Project, address the following in your analysis: Executive summary Nature of healthcare delivery in the United States Brief statement on challenges facing healthcare organizations and the need to alleviate them Brief statement on recommendations and conclusion Challenges facing hospitals Rising cost of care Cybersecurity Staff shortages Poor patient outcomes Poor public perceptions Managerial issues Bad debts Regulations Managerial perspectives Classical Behavioral Scientific Submission Details