undergo passivization

Which of the following sentences CANNOT undergo passivization? Bill drank the juice that I was planning to have later. A local butcher sells lamb on most holidays. My friend’s cat seemed very energetic and friendly. Lauren gave Emily an Easter present. Which of the following sentences contains a gerund phrase? Seeing how rainy it is today, we ought to stay indoors. Sarah’s considering the movie extremely boring surprised no one. During my cooking class, the chef opened the window of the dining room. What was causing her to run? What is the function of the underlined infinitive phrase in the sentence below? To qualify for this award, you should undertake research on black feminism. subject complement adjective complement sentence modifier noun modifier Which of the following CANNOT function as a relative pronoun or relative adverb? what when which who(m) Each sentence below contains a relative clause. Which one contains a relative clause that CANNOT be reduced? That is the man for whom my son works. The TV you ordered is pretty cheap. Lucy met a woman whom she really likes. Ivan is the professor who I assume taught the course. Which sentence below contains a subordinate clause that functions as an adverbial modifier of manner? She was extremely exhausted because she stayed up all night. She will complain if he doesn’t text her tonight. She always feels awkward when she meets someone for the first time. She acted as if nothing had happened. 7. What sentence variety is the following sentence an example of? Michael logged on to his computer after he had finished his assignment. simple complex compound compound-complex Which sentence listed below contains a bare infinitive? I watched Michael cook his dinner. Becky doesn’t like to arrive late. What I did wrong was to not read the instructions. I’m happy they make this dress in my size. What is the function of the word that in the following sentence? Clarissa told me that huge cactus is more than 40 years old. relative pronoun demonstrative pronoun complementizer demonstrative determiner What is the tense-aspect of the following sentence? Ruth, whose basement flooded last week, has had difficulty finding a new apartment. past perfect present progressive present perfect past progressive