ultimate goal of feminist criticism

In Critical Theory Today, Lois Tyson asserts, the ultimate goal of feminist criticism is to
increase our understanding of womens experience, both in the past and present, and promote
our appreciation of womens value in the world (114).
Select one of the two readings and employ your understanding of Feminist criticism to answer
the following questions, suggested by Tyson (119):
1. What does the work reveal about the operations (economically, politically, socially, or
psychologically) of patriarchy?
2. How are women portrayed in the work?
3. Does such a depiction reinforce or undermine patriarchal ideology?
in your essay.
You will use 3 to 4 outside sources, in addition to the textbook and the reading, in your essay.
The final draft will be 4 full pages or more, but will not exceed 5 pages, excluding the works
cited page, in correct MLA format.
Your essay will include:
a solid ThS that answers the prompt at the end of your introduction, a clear topic sentence
that is closely connected with the ThS, as one of its parts, at the beginning of each body
paragraph, and an insightful conclusion;
an in-depth examination and answers that are strongly supported by the reading, an
understanding of Feminist Criticism via the use of specific quotes/terms in the theory, and
the outside sources of your choice.
Feminist Criticism

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