typical compensation and benefits process

CLOs Covered Question(s) Max Mark c1/0 Actua Markl c0 %Explain a typical compensation and benefits process in an organization and how it can be used to support the achievement of the organization’s strategic goals 1 15 100 Total to
1. Review the supporting documentation provided in Blackboard a. Identify your assigned research topic in the table below b. Youtube Videos c. Topic Slides d. Marking Rubric [Important and document detailed grading criteria] 2. Draft a research report that focus on your assigned industry and business function, include: a. Describe and analyse your assigned Comp&Ben issues, and how it relates to other HR functions b. Describe and analyze the Comp&Ben challenges you might face in Saudi Arabia c. Detail possible solutions to overcome these challenges 3. Present the assignment in a format business report format, on Blackboard via SafeAssign 4. Be prepared to answer questions about your report, show drafts and work-in-progress. S. Word count: 1500 6. Provide in-text and end-text references from peer reviewed sources ONLY.