two case studies

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Guidelines • Research and identify two case studies: one that uses visualisation effectively, and one that does not. • The case studies may come from news articles, blogs, research papers, reports or any other published source. • In your presentation, you must discuss visualisation techniques used in each example and reflect of elements such as colour, shape, position, annotations and interactivity. • Your focus should be on analysing why they were effective or non-effective, and this should be supported by arguments based on visualisation principles (frameworks and guidelines) discussed in Weeks 1 and 2. • You should also include recommendations, suggest improvements and propose an alternative visualisation for the case study that you think uses visualisation non-effectively. • You should create a presentation of your analysis and record a video. • The recording will be of you giving a presentation accompanied by a set of slides. You can use voice over or a camera shot with you in view as well. • The video should be five minutes long. Submissions outside of this time will attract