Turnitin you should use double quote marks) with the citation. But I would

Some guidelines for Assessment Task 3 General comments on the Major Paper There is no single right way to tackle this paper. However, there are many, many wrong ways. Let me start by telling you what should NOT appear on your submitted paper. 1. Something regurgitated from the literature; 2. Worse, something plagiarised – if you quote something then it must be presented in quote marks (and for Turnitin you should use double quote marks) with the citation. But I would expect no more than one or two quotes in the whole document. Quotes are used only when you want to examine the actual words of the author. 3. Something that does not develop an argument –You need to demonstrate that you understand some of the arguments and complexities about your selected topic and can reach some conclusions about it. What SHOULD appear on your submitted paper: 1. A clear structure. A ‘stream of consciousness’ piece may get you to top marks for literary creativity, but will see you fail this exercise. You are basing your work on the literature, not your own personal opinions or experience. 2. You need to demonstrate that you have read the literature (probably about 15 to 35 references for this assignment), have analysed it and can develop a position on the issue based on this information. You should show that you can synthesize material from different sources. And always, always, cite the sources of the literature you are basing your argument on. This is not just about plagiarism. It is about demonstrating that you are basing your argument on credible and authoritative sources of information. 3. Develop an argument. There is nothing more monumentally boring than an essay that goes something like this: “Radcliffe said…, but Lewis said…, on the other hand Austen wrote…”. Not only are you entitled to have an independent opinion, you are encouraged to express it – just make sure you have some evidence to back it up. Links between Assessment Task 3 and the Unit Learning Outcomes This assessment task relates directly to your achieving and demonstrating the following Unit Learning Outcomes ULO1: you will need to demonstrate that you have a clear and well-­‐developed understanding of the major principles and fields of practice in pubic health that are relevant to your topic. ULO2: responding to the topic will require you to use a range of perspectives to demonstrate understanding of the topic and to propose and effective responses. ULO3: this task will require you to use appropriate digital technologies to source and select information relevant to the topic and to demonstrate high-­‐level academic and professional skills in the use of this information to respond to the topic: skills in analysis and synthesis of information to develop a well-­‐argued position on the topic. ULO4: this task has a particular focus on your preparing a detailed response to your topic, suitable for the intended audience and providing clear evidence that you have mastered the underlying principles of public health its major fields of practice. ULO6: the task will allow you to demonstrate high-­‐level skills in writing in an academic context, with a logical structure, clear links to the literature, a clear line of argument leading to conclusions and recommendations suitable for the intended audience. You will be expected to demonstrate the appropriate referencing skills and to avoid presenting material that is simply copied from other sources

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