treatment and management of a patient with corns

Referencing Styles : Harvard Write a properly referenced essay on the treatment and management of a patient with corns Word count – 512 Corns is[a1] a disease[a2] with a number of symptoms such as the presence of one small area of foot with high pressure[a3] . That small area of the foot contains hard skin [a4] and is generally of the round shape.[a5] Such symptoms of the corns are generally really presses inside the skin and is accompanies by the stratum corneum being thick in a conical fashion. The stratum corneous is located in the epidermis between and over the toes[a6] . This disease[a7] happens due to the major reason of friction and pressure of the toe joints and between the joints. The disease is generally accompanied by either hard or soft skin in the affected reason which depends on the location and the amount of pressure. The excessive pressure and frictions over the toe joints cause keratinization which is not normal. Soft corns occurring on the toe joints also affect the adjacent areas of the toes which are secondarily affected (Boulton, 2008).[a8] The disease causes a lot of pain and problems to the patient. So the patient of any type of corns should consult with a podiatrist who can operate on the infected area to complete the removal the callous and the extraction of the central core of the callous. The infected area of the soft corns looks to be very hard due to its texture. The operation of the callous is followed by the application of antiseptic agents such as an ointment or powder which eliminates the chances of the infected are to become septic due to the operation. The operated callous is protected by the application of acid and a protective pad, which allows the operated callous to be safe from any external force or pressure. After the corn is removed from the infected area, the cavity is allowed to heal by the application of silver nitrate (Prud’homme, 1999). Some types of corns diseases have vascular and neurovascular effects on the patient. These diseases cause the patient a lot of pain when the operation happens on the infection. The operation of such corns is accompanied by the application of anesthesia and the cavity left due to the operation is healed by regular application of electrosurgery. The repeated application of silver nitrate continues along with other operating activities (Singh, 1996). It is always true that the prevention of a disease is always better than the cure of the disease. The medical professionals should ensure that all the people in the society are aware of the various types of corns and the various symptoms associated with the various corns. The proper awareness of corns allows the people in the society to avoid excessive friction and pressure in the key areas of the toes joints and between the toes. One of the best preventive measure that can be taken by the people is the usage of a well-fitting shoe ware which allows the toes to have room to breathe and allows to be under less pressure. The patients should also be advised to keep their feet dry, which in turn avoids the wetness of the foot (Prud’homme, 1999). [a9] [a1]Corns are [a2]?? They are not a disease. Again – importance of accurate terminology is paramount to good essay writing. [a3]This is not a symptom – it is a causative factor! [a4]Be sure to use more accurate terminology here. Callus is the term you mean. [a5]?? [a6]Lots of confused theory being put forward here – you need to revisit the theory to get a firmer grasp of it. [a7]Again – not a disease. [a8]You’ve described the same thing three times in slightly different ways and each time there are errors in the description. Look towards finding a key textbook description of it and then look to paraphrase accordingly. [a9]This particular essay looks like you’ve located lots of different sources if information and looked to present information from each of them in the way that you’ve read it even if it means that at times you’ve repeated yourself. This essay is undermined by a lack of clear understanding of what corns are, what types there are and how they are effectively managed. Please re-visit this module as well as the relevant sections on them in textbooks such as Neale’s disorders of the foot. Once you’ve done that you should find that you are able to accurately structure this essay in line with the essay question.  

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