Toxicology Audit

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_1 &course_id =_42469_1 2.5.3 Toxicology Audit: applied toxicology
Weight: 40% Type of Collaboration: Individual Due: Sunday 6th November 11:59 PM Submission: Electronic submission Format: An audit of an actual operation or premises selected in terms of the student’s own interests or career pathway is physically carried out. for this assessment you will need to: 1. Locate a suitable premise to undertake the chemical audit. This could be workplace, school, community or religious group, or other location where chemcials may be stored and used on a routine basis. 2. Research the facility in terms of its use, occupants (particularly if vulnerable groups are present), the organisation and current chemical safety measures. 3. Undertake an inspection and stocktake of a chemical storage area in the facility. 4. Prepare a report on your findings. The premises are named with email and telephonic details of a contact person in the audit report to facilitate contact by the lecturer to discuss details of the visit. Performance objectives are given below, with a marking rubric covering essential sections and information in such a report. The rubric will be returned to the student with limited comments, but the report will not be annotated with comments in order that it is not modified in any way and can be used in future employment applications. The Audit gives the student professional training in toxicology auditing with regard to inventory preparation for toxic substances, relevant chemistry and pathophysiology, hazard recognition and ranking, and mitigation upgrading relevant to specific industries or operations. It is marked as if it were a report produced by a professional officer to a senior officer of a health division, so usefulness and professionalism in approach are a general expectation. In industry, page length of professional reports are irrelevant with wide variation based on the topic selected, background discipline (chemists may use more summary formulas than biologists), ability to precis, and the complexity of the industry or operation. Median length last year was about 4,000 words. excluding tables. but including the three journal reviews. A minimum of 3,000 words is therefore suggested without an upper limit. Students are reminded that in industry quality of work is more important than quantity and you are in transition to this approach. All parts will be assessed. Length: 1600 words, excluding references and appendices (eg: chemical lists) Curriculum Mode:
Students taking toxicology come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, and the Audit is a hands-on study which the student can tailor to their own professional needs, making it an important part of their transcript and employment applications. Experiential work is often highly regarded when applications for employment are being made. For the Audit, the student chooses an operation, industry or premises with the aim of assessing and reporting on aspects of the:
— production. handling, transport, storage, and use of hazardous substances (biological, chemical. anti physical radiation) — health risks associated with the products and processes — existing safety precautions and the improvement of these approaches by the specific industry concerned.