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Topic overview In this assessment you will critically evaluate the use of visualisation techniques in existing case studies. You are required to research and identify one (1) effective and one (1) non-effective use of visualisation in a case study. You must then critically evaluate the case studies and create an oral presentation and record a video to explain your justifications in support for or against the use of visualisation for the case studies you identify. Assessment criteria This assessment will measure your ability to: • Critically analyse two case studies demonstrating your knowledge of visualisation techniques (80%) • Clearly present your ideas in a way that is well structured and organised (10%) • Confidently deliver a polished, engaging oral presentation (10%)
Guidelines • Research and identify two case studies: one that uses visualisation effectively, and one that does not • The case studies may come from news articles, blogs, research papers, reports or any other published source. • In your presentation, you most discuss visualisation techniques used in each examplents such as