to all successive professionals and medical staff, My Health

Assignment-1 Dr Thair Al-Dala’in ITC548   OUTLINE: – Headspace organisation of NSW is launching ‘My Health Record’ a secure online summary of a youth’s mental ill health information. Available to all successive professionals and medical staff, My Health Record is an electronic summary of a patient’s case note and the story, drawn from their current records and is intended to be coordinated into existing local medical frameworks. The ‘My Health Record’ is driven by the requirement for the Health Industry to proceed with a procedure of reform to drive efficiencies into the youth’s mental ill health specially aged 12 to 25, enhance the quality of patient care, reduce number of youth suicide, while decreasing a few issues that were evident from the absence of critical data and delay of the medical report that is shared about patients e.g. decreasing the rate of mental illness with the help of providing appropriate medical expert. Medicinal division and patient both can control what goes into patient’s My Health Record, and who is permitted to get to it. A patient’s My Health Record permits them and their specialists, doctor’s facilities and other medicinal services suppliers to view and offer the patient’s wellbeing data to give the most ideal care. The Vision Document Outline  Introduction The headspace association of NSW is building up new online entryway for Hospitals, Patients, Doctors and some more. The motivation behind planning this entryway is to decrease the time chain for the metal patient and to survey the data and give them medical experts quiet. The medicinal experts can control the data of patient whenever and at wherever without getting touch with patient or medical staff.  Purpose To give all the data online in one secure framework where all the data of the patients, medical centre and specialists are at one place. Make the work simpler and quick to retrieve the information. To provide better service to the patient rather them forced them to re-tell their story again and again to the each and every supplementary step of the therapy.  Problems • Privacy Issues The patient is going to share every one of the points of interest and story online on the server and those major elements can have the capacity to changed in future or possibly edited. The specialist can see other patient’s issues on going and try to change things as per his medication and thinking which is the most ideal approach to determine the issues. • Security The information can be asking to change as per the necessities and the approval is not required as at the backend area there is no all things considered individual who will check it. • Complexities The hospital staff should be extremely watchful while presenting the patient’s story as required in the story accommodation list on the grounds that if single wrong points of interest may prompt wrong data to the specialist doctor. The hospital staff are not that much mindful of the utilization of new mental health online system which may prompt inconvenience and wrong data in the system. • Cyber- Security The information is on the server and requirements to exceptionally secured as it has all individual data of the patients story and their own specialist doctors and hospital staff and these information are extremely private and secured as it is somebody’s uniqueinformation which they have shared. They need to shield that data from the cyber criminals, which are effectively ready to change the points of interest or still data from the server. The server must be secured with the information. • Inappropriate Data Handling If there should be an occurrence of emergency, specialist, which is looking the patient, should be exceptionally watchful with the solution gave by the past specialist, the story that is submitted on the server by hospital staff as all the specialist works distinctively with their own particular techniques. Single wrong data gave by the specialist may prompt genuine motivation to the patient.The specialist doctor in the field of Mental health issues generally works on the patient’s history and story so medical staff has to be very careful while updating the story on the server because a particular wrong statement of the story will also lead to the consequential damage to the patient. The specialists and clinic administration should be cautious while sharing the data on ‘My Health Record’. Record must be accessible quiet when required to know the patient subtle elements when required from any area. Every one of the documents and general data must be accessible snappy and simple way.  Capabilities • Data Retrieval My health record is online central server based system. It is very easy to retrieve data for specialist doctor, hospital staff and as well as for the patient. They can send and receive data easily and also can do changes in that information according to their propaganda. • Shared Health Report This system is developed on the grounds of particular framework for the health record. The specialist doctor has to fill all the information of patient according to the framework of system, which leads to the very less amount of error in patient’s health report. The system also upload that report to the patient’s profile so patient also can check the progress or take any medicinal help when required. • Front end Users/ Backend Users The system always required validation from Front end users and backend users. Without validation of data system cannot upload the data to the system. The interface developed and designs in such a formation that users are not able to put same values for more then once at any time. • Easy System Support The interface developed and designs into different frames, which helps users to upload and submit the data on just few easy clicks. If in future users got any problems regarding theirs “my health record” profile they can easilyconnect with 24*7 online or telephone system support staff for their instant help. There are also few quick helpline guides uploaded on the online server so users can also take a look of it when required. • Notifications Mode This system developed and design in such a manner if any changes or information-updated user will get notified via Auto generated E-mail or SMS. • Mobile Applications Application is developed by the professionals, which can easily available on any OS platforms. The government also hire some professional who will work on the marketing of “My health record” application who will link up this application to different medical center. They also starts Advertising on television and radio to get awareness in youth. • Quick Accessibility This system is accessible and link with so many major government websites and application like Mygov, NSWServices, etc. Where you can get a quick access. The main important fidget of the system is linked up with the Australian Medicare card so hospital staff does not have to enter patient’s details at the beginning.  Benefits • Access “More Advantageous” The entrance to the server will be better in utilizing the framework as a person. The easy to understand gateway will permit the Specialist doctors to access patient’s story and history from Database at any location and whenever. Patients will have all their own data of medicinal treatment progressing with particular specialist, which patients have assigned.Patients will likewise get emergency health services when required from online support staff, which is accessible 24*7. • Safety with Superior For a situation of crisis if the patient meets other specialist or clinic, specialist can check all the rundown of medications progressing or mantle medical problems quiet is confronting with the goal that specialist can give the best possible medicinal treatment as appointed to the patient. The human services gateway will be giving better help to the specialist as it will be appearing all the past or continuous medications
precautionary measures, time, date and specialist who is with the patient. • Security “One Step Ahead” The patient and their experts are permitted to set the strict approval to which it is to be seen. The expert will tie that data which should be obvious for tolerant in light of the fact that in psychological wellness issue youth can make few wrong strides in the wake of seeing the issues what they are confronting. The Interface provides Secured Unique ID and Password facilities so no one play with patient’s profile and neither they can change any data. • Convenient The patient should state their story just once. Hospital staff can allocate specialist doctor without much of a stretch as indicated by the mental health issue of patients. The specialists will be more advantageous in setting of medical test dates and time to be taken, as they will be informed and same with the patient. All the medical reports are accessible at the entry to recover the data at a single tick. The reports are transferred by the assigned restorative healing facilities or GP. References System analysis and design Gerry B. Shelly System analysis and design Alen Dennis

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