TITLE Understanding Organizational Behaviour CREDITS

Coursework Handout: CBE6181 Unit Title: Understanding Organisational Behaviour 1 Understanding Organizational Behaviour COURSEWORK HANDOUT DEPARTMENT BAED PROGRAMME MBA UNIT CODE CBE6181 UNIT TITLE Understanding Organizational Behaviour CREDITS 10 SEMESTER/SESSION Fall, 2017 LEVEL OF STUDY PG LOCATION ALL STAFF Mr. N. Lambridis STAFF OFFICE 7th Floor E-MAIL [email protected] ACCREDITATION COURSEWORK DETAILS C/W NUMBER CONTRIBUTION 70% of the Unit final mark C/W TITLE Case analysis and literature informed recommendations C/W TYPE Critical analysis based on literature support HAND-OUT DATE 12/11/2017 SUBMISSION DATE 09/01/2018 FEEDBACK DATE LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon completion of this piece of coursework, a student will be able to: LO1: Synthesize, compare, contrast, and integrate relevant theoretical and applied literature LO2: Demonstrate the ability to utilize academic literature in understanding current organizational behaviour issues LO3: Understand the need for an integrated theoretical and practical O.B. approaches to successfully exploit new opportunities LO4: Critically assess key O.B. issues in relation to practical management issues. LO5: Understanding the ideas, principles and practices of O.B. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA Your submission should be in the range of 2300 words. Assignments that exceed this word limit may be penalized 10%. Your analysis needs to show a strong, concise integration of the O.B. literature – comparing, contrasting, and integrating what you have found – as well as an understanding of what various authors have written and their input into the topics areas in question. In addition to your analysis you should conclude with a Reference section detailing all sources you have cited using the Harvard Reference System. Use of Resources Make sure that you reference material that helps you in addressing the issues of this assignment. For this assignment you must balance BOTH practical and academic (peer reviewed journals) sources of information. The EBSCO and GOOGLE SCHOLAR databases are excellent resources for such material but must be applied appropriately. Textbooks related material should be avoided. Quality of Work Ability to synthesise source material (your analysis). Be sure to discuss relevant data and examples. Analyse information, interpret it and draw appropriate conclusions. You must present balanced, wellstructured, critical, arguments.Coursework Handout: CBE6181 Unit Title: Understanding Organisational Behaviour 2 DETAILED DESCRIPTION For the assignment in this unit you should choose one (1) topic from any of the areas that we have covered that you wish to research and analyse further. You will briefly present a case study in which the topic applies and then conduct an analysis of the situation by using relevant literature that applies in the specific topics with the appropriate references [N.B.: you may wish to integrated two areas (e.g. Motivation, and Communication) but this can become more complicated for you]. You should not be simply repeating what authors have written. After analysing the case you must make clear, and literature based recommendations with the appropriate references for improving the situation or solving the problem. SUBMISSION Students are expected to submit:  Executive Summary  Table of Contents  Introduction  Succinct presentation of case and a specific problem to be solved  Analysis of literature related to the case study  Recommendation on how to solve the problem  Implementation discussion (implications and areas of concern)  Conclusions  References N.B.: ALL students will be required to individually upload their complete assignment into the TURNITIN database system (turnitin.com) which assists in detecting plagiarism. Further details on this procedure will be provided before the assignment is due. NOTE All sentences or passages quoted in this coursework from other people’s work should be specifically acknowledged by clear cross-referencing to author, work and page(s). Failure to do this amounts to plagiarism and will be considered grounds for failure in this coursework. It is at the instructorâ€s discretion to conduct an oral examination, which will result to the award of the final grade to that particular piece of coursework. TURN IT IN REQUIREMENT Apart from the usual e- copy submission, this piece of coursework is required to be submitted to turnitin plagiarism detection software at: www.turnitin.com at a date no later than the submission date. This is an absolute requirement for releasing a mark. Brief instructions on how you can set up your profile and submit your work can be found at: http://ift.tt/2nVDfzn (text) http://ift.tt/2nRJ4yv (video) You will be provided with: CLASS ID: ENROLLMENT PASSWORD: If you have any problems in submitting your work, please contact the course administrator or the…

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