Title Page: Include on your title page a suitable title for the

Report document layout and formatting requirements This report should be from the third person point of view, which is standard in business reports. Your report must have the following sections in the order listed: 1. Title Page: Include on your title page a suitable title for the assignment, your name, student number, date. (no executive summary) 2. Table of Contents: The Table of Contents (TOC) must be generated by the word processor software. The title page and table of contents itself should not appear in the table of contents. The table of contents should be on its own page. 3. The Questions: Type out each question formatted as a sub-heading. Each question should then be an entry in the Table of Contents with page reference see hint below. Your answer should then follow the question with a space in between. Number each question. 4. Hint: You do not have to make the entire question a heading that appears in the Table of Contents. You can use the first sentence of the question as the heading, and then include the question as plain text below this heading. IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to shorten or to re-phrase the question, as this runs the risk of accidentally changing the question. Marking will always be against the original question as published in this specification. 5. References: Include in this section any web site addresses from which you obtained information, as well as information or help you received from any other sources, including the textbook. Remember that only cited sources should be included in a References section. Use the Harvard system of referencing to correctly cite in-text as well as listing in the References. For the purpose of this assignment, avoid using direct citations or quotes. You are to read sources, develop an understanding of the material, and paraphrase using your own words. Unreferenced direct quotations may be treated as plagiarism. If or when you paraphrase an idea, you should certainly use an in-text reference to note the source. 6. Header & Footer: Provide a header and footer for your assignment. In the header, put your student ID on the left side and your full name on the right side. In the footer, insert a page number, centered. The header and footer should not appear on the Title Page or on the Table of Contents page, but should appear on all other pages. 7. Style: Use a word processor to create the business report in portrait-mode, single spaced, Times New Roman (TNR), 12-point font for all non-heading text. Page 3 of 5 Sources of information: Do not use direct quotations. Instead, you are required to research, read, understand and then explain in your own words. Any paraphrasing from sources must be correctly referenced in-text and in the References section, using the Harvard referencing standard. Use a variety of web sources, journals and books (avoid using Wikipedia for every question). It is always helpful to read about the same topics from more than one source. The minimum resource to use for all questions is the prescribed textbook. The Ten Questions: 1. Why are businesses becoming so dependent on mobile applications? Provide specific examples to support your answer. 2. Apply Porter’s value chain model to Big W (www.bigw.com.au). What is Big W’s competitive strategy? Describe Big W’s business model. Briefly describe the tasks that Big W must accomplish for each primary value chain activity. 3. Explain how the Internet works. Assume you are talking with someone who has no knowledge of information technology. 4. Explain why master data management is so important in companies that have multiple data sources. 5. Why should information security be of prime concern to management? 6. Why are advertisers so interested in social networks? 7. Discuss the ways in which Wi-Fi is being used to support mobile computing and mcommerce. Describe the ways in which Wi-Fi is affecting the use of mobile phones for mcommerce. 8. Investigate the role of the web in human resources management. 9. How do customer relationship management systems help organisations achieve customer intimacy? 10. Why is planning so important in supply chain management?

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