This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your values

•300 words (+/- 10%), plus references (where necessary) Type of assignment Weighting Grading criteria: Individual Assesssment 10% of the total marks for this subject Assignment specific grading criteria as per the rubric below. For electronic submissions: ONLY Microsoft Office document types are accepted. Font size not smaller than Times New Roman 12. You MUST keep a duplicate copy of your assignment Intended Learning Outcomes: 5. Communicate effectively to a culturally diverse audience through a structured written argument in a professional report format. 7. Demonstrate and reflect on personal views and an awareness to the perspectives of others. Essentials: iii. Providing you with experiences to develop skills to effectively work and communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. Purpose: Individually, you are required to write a personal reflection to be submitted on LMS reflecting on your experiences, thoughts and feelings of working collaboratively as a member of the group on the development of a social action plan. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your values and how they impact on your perspectives. you are required to answer at least 2 or 3 questions from the questions listed below as part of your personal reflection assessment? 1. What are the similarities and differences of the views and the various perspectives of group members? 2. Reflect on how the various perspectives have been valued and respectfully represented in the process of working together on the social action plan? 3. In defining the scope of the issue within the group, reflect on how your own background and life experiences might have influenced how you perceived the issue? 4. What impact do different life experiences have on how an issue is perceived? You can support your responses by using examples from the group social action plan or referring to specific events that occurred within the group

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