This entire assignment requires you to research

MAN6303 MAN6303 Program Management Program Critique & Presentation Information: This is intended to be a group assignment, although it can be completed individually. This assignment has two components: 1. Activity A – Written component of the assignment (30% of your final Unit marks) 2. Activity B – Presentation component of the assignment (20% of your final Unit marks) Activity A – This entire assignment requires you to research and choose a program that you will critique. This critique will be summarised in the form of a written document, and submitted before the deadline through Turnitin. Activity B – You will also be required to prepare and present a presentation to the class summarising your chosen program, and highlighting the issues you have identified in your examination of the issues. A date and time for your presentation in class will be agreed during the semester, but you are also free to produce a short video instead of presenting in class. Off campus students should create a video presentation instead (see below for options to do this). Any off campus students who would like to work with on campus students should seek permission from their lecturer. The key activities that will help you complete all of this assignment are: 1. Selection – thinking about which program to examine based upon your knowledge and interests 2. Collaboration – working with a group and exchanging ideas with your colleagues, friends and mentors and testing out your ideas and concepts with others. 3. Information – researching further, using your existing knowledge, using ECU library, using academic journals and industry publications, the internet, business and the materials presented in this course. 4. Presentation – understanding the core principles that will help you deliver an impactive but succinct presentation of the issues you have discovered during your research MAN6303 Additional instructions: ï‚· You should write no more than 3000 words for your written submission. ï‚· The document and presentation are together worth up to 50% of your final unit grade. ï‚· The marking guide is shown on p.7 of the Unit Plan (available on Blackboard). The assignment is due by the date shown on Blackboard, and must be submitted as a single Microsoft Word document via the Turnitin link under the ‘Assignment’s tab on Blackboard. Choosing a program to critique Many of you will be engaged in a particular industry or have a particular background. It may be health, construction, environment, business transformation or manufacturing. Activity A Written component of the assignment (30% of your final Unit marks) Your first task is to find a program or megaproject in an industry of your choosing, either from published journals, internet research or from your own experience. You will research the program deeply and critique the main program issues. This means that you should consider whether the program was properly constituted, how it linked to strategic plans, how it was executed, and what lessons can be learned from it for future programs for the organisation, and for the program management discipline as a whole. Activity B Presentation component of the assignment (20% of your final Unit marks) During the course of the semester, you should be prepared to present a summary of your work to the class, or record a video instead. A suggested list of key headings of your presentation could be: ï‚· Program Overview and Outcomes ï‚· Program Strategy Alignment ï‚· Program Benefits Management ï‚· Program Stakeholder Engagement ï‚· Program Governance ï‚· Program Management Supporting Processes ï‚· Issues and Problems encountered ï‚· Lessons learned and proposals to improve (use the concepts of Program Management or any other suggestions) MAN6303 Guidance To make the content of your presentation as effective as possible you should apply good presentation techniques- ï‚· Don’t make the presentation too short by hurrying through the material ï‚· Don’t make it too long by providing unnecessary and/or irrelevant detail ï‚· Aim to talk for about 15 minutes, not less than 10 and not more than 20 minutes. It is recommended that you use slides (e.g. PowerPoint) to give your talk structure and visual support Each slide should: ï‚· Have no more than 3 key concepts ï‚· Show key concepts as words or short phrases ï‚· Use graphics to make slides visually appealing Slides should not: ï‚· Have whole sentences written on them ï‚· Be monotonous in appearance ï‚· Be ‘busy’ by containing too much detail ï‚· Remember to talk freely and use the slides as prompts and guidance ï‚· Avoid exclusively reading from the slides Learning outcomes The outcome is to demonstrate that you can critique an existing program against the PMBOK or MSP methodology for program management and develop a gap analysis and discussion regarding the same. Completing this assignment will primarily develop skills in research, synthesis of ideas from available information, comparison of published standards and methodologies with real life practice, communication, initiative and enterprise as well as information literacy. Marking criteria This assessment and presentation together our worth 50% of the unit’s marks. The written components will be assigned 30% of the total mars for the Unit, and the presentation itself will be assigned 20%, and the presentation will be marked according to the marking guide shown in the unit plan. General guidance MAN6303 ï‚· Students are encouraged to self-select which groups they want to be in. ï‚· Students (both internal and external) are allowed to ‘go it alone’ if they are unable to find a suitable group ï‚· Groups should ideally be 2-3 students in order to maintain accountability and contribution to the final presentation ï‚· Students who want to work in groups but can’t find a partner should approach the lecturer who will attempt to link up similar students. This MUST be done before week 4. If this linking process is unsuccessful (i.e. odd numbers) or it is after week 4, then the students must prepare their assignment submission by themselves ï‚· Because the presentation session is limited to 3 hours, it will be impossible to allow everyone to present in class. Therefore, it is proposed: o There is a limit of 7 live presentations that will be able to be conducted on the presentation session. Each presentation will be limited to a maximum of 20 minutes including question time and feedback. o Groups will be invited to volunteer to fill the 7 slots and all slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. o If there are insufficient groups to fill all slots the lecturer will reserve the right to nominate any group/s to fill the remaining slots. o For all other groups presentations should be recorded onto video and then uploaded to the Blackboard assignments link on the MAN6303 Blackboard site (‘Assignments’ > ‘Assignment 1 (Activity B) Recorded presentation’) Creating a Video Presentation Please submit your recorded presentation through the link on Blackboard. Remember to include an ECU coversheet as a separate attachment that lists all the people in your group (names and student numbers, and the name of your lecturer). If you are working in a group, then only one of you needs to submit the recorded presentation on behalf of all members in the group. Your video should be about 15 minutes, not less than 10 and not more than 20 minutes. At a minimum, it only needs to be a recording of your screen playing a PowerPoint with you narrating each slide, although you are free to be more creative if you wish. There are two options for creating a video. 1. Upload a video from your hard drive – One option is to upload a video to Blackboard that you have made yourself. Typically, you would upload it from your hard drive. Blackboard has a limit on the size of video files that can be uploaded, and MAN6303 works best with small videos of MPEG or WM
V types. You should prepare your recording several days before the assignment is due, and then convert it to a small size and put it into the correct format (MPEG or WMV) so that it can be viewed by your lecturers for assessment. Upload it to Blackboard using the ‘Attach Files’ link in the assignment submission area. Remember – It is your responsibility to ensure that you produce a video / screen recording in the correct format for the assignment. 2. Create your video via YouTube – Using YouTube may be easier if you have a larger file size. Once you have made your own video and uploaded it to YouTube, make a note of the link to your YouTube video. Go to your Blackboard assignment submission area (‘Assignments’ > ‘Assignment 1 (Activity B) Recorded presentation’) and click on the ‘Text Submission’ link. You can link your YouTube video using the ‘Mashup’ button, or put the hyperlink into the free text area. General Information ï‚· You can submit your assignment as many times as you like before the deadline. You can also save your submission and come back to it later. ï‚· Remember to include an ECU coversheet listing the names and student numbers of everyone involved in the assignment. Only 1 member of each group needs to submit the assignment. ï‚· Whatever you submit at the deadline will be made available to your lecturer for marking. ï‚· The deadline for submitting your video assignment is shown on Blackboard.

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