theories of leadership

Student guide for unit 32


P1 Compare relevant theories of team and individual leadership in relation to practice in care environments

Use 3 theories of leadership and discuss their similarities and differences when used in care environments

P2 Discuss models of coaching and mentoring in relation to supporting practice in care environments

Define coaching & mentoring

Use 2 models of coaching and 2 models of mentoring and explain their use to support practice in care settings

M1 Analyse own approach to coaching or mentoring other workers in a care environment in a leadership role

Examine the approach you would use as a leader to coach and mentor others in your setting?

Directive/ non directive and why?

D1 Assess the impact of theories, and principles of team and individual leadership, on own style of coaching and mentoring as applied in practice

Evaluate the effect of leadership theories on your own style of coaching/mentoring. Use at least 2 theories and 2 leadership styles



P3 Discuss the impact of mentorship strategies on practice in organisations

Explain in detail 3 things an organisation gains from mentoring

P4 Discuss the impact of mentorship strategies on workers receiving this support

Explain in detail 3 things mentees gain from mentoring

M2 Debate the benefits of coaching and mentoring for individuals and organisations in different care environments

Discuss the benefits of coaching/mentoring for individuals and organisations.


D2 Critically review the effectiveness of own leadership and mentoring practice in supporting the development of workers in own care setting

How effective is your leadership?

How does it support the development of staff? You can use legal and professional boundaries, ethical, cultural issues.



P5 Create a plan for the delivery of a series of practical mentoring sessions within own work setting to support care assistants

Complete a mentoring plan for planning sessions for mentoring your mentees based on their weaknesses

P6 Discuss how communication theories are reflected in the plan to provide effective support to care assistants

Explain 3 communication theories

How are these communication theories used in the mentoring plan and how do they provide effective support?

M3 Implement a series of planned, informal mentoring sessions to support care assistants in own setting, using different theories of communication

Make 3 planned, informal mentoring sessions using 3 communication theories

Include what you will cover in these sessions and the type of communication theory that will be used.

M4 Reflect on the impact of barriers on the experience of care assistants being mentored

Use 2-3 barriers and think about how they will impact the care assistants. Will it lead to positive or negative outcomes?


P7 Discuss own leadership and or mentoring styles as applied in practice within own workplace setting

Use 2-3 leadership/mentoring styles you use at work and link to how effective they are

P8 Examine the impact of own leadership and mentoring on the practice of own mentee

Look in detail how your leadership and mentoring are affecting the practice of your mentee

Are they working well?

What are they doing right/ wrong?

M5 Review the impact of own leadership and mentoring style on own practice and that of others

Assess how your leadership and mentoring style affect:


Others – mentees, team

D3 Critically reflect on the effectiveness of own leadership and mentoring practice in improving own development and the quality of provision in own workplace setting

Use your learning experiences to look back on how effective you were as a leader/ mentor

What 3 things can you improve?

How can you improve these 3 things?

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Please see the summary of the feedback below;

You have compared and described theories of leadership very well, pg. 5-8. You have covered a lot of theories, but focusing on 3 would give you more time to discuss them in detail.

You have attempted to analyse your own approach to coaching or mentoring in a leadership role. However this was not achieved as you did not link it to your mentee or how you were leading them. Instead you discussed the case scenario.

On pages 9-11 you have discussed the mentoring models. But you need to follow the assessment criteria guidance for this it was DISCUSS models of coaching and mentoring. The coaching models have been covered in page 12.

You have discussed the impact of mentorship strategies on organisations, pg.

and individuals, pg….

You have created a plan for a series of mentoring sessions in your work setting to support new health care assistants, pg.

The use of communication theories have been discussed in the mentoring plan, pg.


You have discussed your leadership and mentoring styles you apply in your workplace, pg.

On page you have examined the impact of your own leadership and mentoring on your mentee, pg.


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SCORE: /100

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