their social responsibility program


You are employed by a local bank and as part of their social responsibility program, your project team has been tasked with creating an App aimed at assisting and benefiting a South African Nongovernmental organisation (NGO), more specifically, Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. You are required to think of an innovative idea that could lead to the development of an App for this organisation.


Some fundamental assumptions and project requirements:

  • Preferably, the system approach/project information system approach is to be followed;
  • The budget is limited to R1 000 000;
  • A minimum of four team members must be involved in the running of the project from start to finish. You are expected to conduct your own research regarding the product, project team selection, and developing a project schedule and management;
  • Project duration must not exceed 15 months;
  • Additional assumptions and requirements must be adequately added.


Project Approach

A systems approach is recommended. You may choose to apply the PMBOK guide or agile project management methodology.


Question 1_____________________________________________________________________

Build an Agile task list using Project Management Software such as Microsoft Project..

LU1 and LU5 articles and readings will further help you complete this question.

Q1.1. With reference to the project selected above and completed, build an Agile project task list using Microsoft Project.

The project you build should demonstrate the following:

  1. Set up tasks for project initiation and releases (2 marks).
  2. Create and manage the product backlog (2 marks).
  3. Assigning features to a print (2 marks).
  4. Assigning resources to features (2 marks).

Q1.2. Using the same project above, generate a burndown report.