The view of the biopsychosocial model

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

1.) Psychological Disorders – Symptoms and Treatments

Develop a 6-7 slide PowerPoint, not including the reference page, with speaker notes for each. you have to develop a presentation on Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).On the first slide of the PowerPoint, review the symptoms of the disorder. On the second slide provide a review of the origins or causes of the disorder. For the remaining slides, pick two explain how the disorder might be treated with Client-centered therapy and modern psychodynamic therapy methods. Your presentation needs to include additional information from at least one outside scholarly source. Finally, you must record your presentation using a screen recording tool.

Criteria for Success

6-7 slides

Slides should not be cluttered with text

Visuals help reinforce the information presented

Reference page in APA format

Narrating Your Presentation

Use the free online program Screencast-o-Matic.

Do a short recording to ensure that your microphone is picking up your narration.

Practice before you record and make your final recording in a quiet area.

In addition, this week’s assignment requires you to upload a video. To assist you in recording and uploading the video, here are three different tutorial documents – you only need to choose one (so if your first choice does not work, then you have other choices).

Blackboard Video Upload Tutorial

Google Dropbox Tutorial

YouTube Video Upload Tutorial

2.) Genetics and Happiness

Question A

To what extent is our response to stress affected by genetics? How can individuals better cope with stress? Remember to explain and cite educational sources to support the ideas within the post.

Question B

There are people who argue we cannot fully experience happiness without fully experiencing unhappiness. Do psychologists agree or disagree? Why? Remember to explain and cite educational sources to support the ideas within the post. Must be 75 words

3.) Habits, Stress and Health

Write a 1 page essay exploring how personal habits, stress, and health interact; discuss the difference in the medical model’s view of health and the view of the biopsychosocial model; and describe the work of professionals in the fields of health psychology and behavioral medicine. Proper APA formatting is a requirement for all essay assignments. Cite at least three educational sources