the role of White privilege in his life

WHITE LIKE ME Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son TIM W SE In White like Me, anti-racist activist Tim Wise reflects on the role of White privilege in his life and his experiences fighting racism in the United States. For this essay, you will be expected to reflect on the role of White privilege in your own life, whether this means that you personally benefit from White privilege, that White privilege exists at your expense, or both. Throughout his memoir, Wise takes several moments to explain the mechanisms of White privilege as they pertain to several instances in his life, connecting theory with experience. For this paper, you will be required to do the same. The Response Paper will be graded based on the completion of three sections: 1. Summarize three components of White Privilege that Wise elaborates throughout the book and explain their connection to what we have studied in class, incorporating the course content we have studied into your paper. 2. Synthesize two life experiences of your own with theoretical concepts presented in the book. 3. Explain the importance of acknowledging privilege both for you personally and for society as a whole. The essay as a whole should include thorough and profound analysis, a deep understanding of privilege and sociological thought as it pertains to race, and clearly show that you read the book. Papers should be between 4-5 pages in length, Times New Roman 12, double-spaced with 1-inch margins.