the recent financial performance

Instructions To Students For Submission Of This Coursework


Students will select a company from a list posted below. You must obtain a copy of the company’s most recent Annual Report and Financial Statements.



Analyse and discuss the recent financial performance (the last five years) of your company. Your analysis must compare your company to one other listed company operating in the same business sector, using the Financial Times classification of business sectors. Your analysis and discussion should consider the following areas:


(a)Historical trends in accounting statement entries (for example, turnover, profit, dividends, cash flow from operations, long-term debt and so on);

(25 marks)


(b)Historical trends and inter-company comparisons of relevant accounting ratios (for example return on capital employed, net profit margin, earnings per share, debt/equity ratio, current ratio and so on);

(75 marks)

(Total: 100 marks)


Your assignment MUST be word-processed and no more than 2,500 words in length (+/- 10% allowance). Calculations may be included in an appendix and are not included in the word count. A summary of your calculated ratios must be included in the body of your assignment for ease of viewing. You are recommended to use a report format for the sake of clarity. You are advised to look at relevant material from a variety of relevant sources, including the module material and media sources such as the financial press and academic journals.


Any sources of information you use must be clearly identified, using academic referencing. All quotations made directly from books, journals or other information media must be clearly acknowledged by using footnotes and quotation marks.


You are reminded that plagiarism (the deliberate inclusion in work submitted for assessment of a substantial unacknowledged portion of someone else’s material, whether published or not) is a breach of University assessment regulations and may be dealt with severely. Please refer to the information overleaf concerning referencing and academic integrity.


Coursework Submission: Monday 8th November at 3pm  



You must choose one of the following companies. You must obtain a copy of your company’s most recent Annual Report and Financial Accounts. This can be done through the Financial Times World Investor Link (, through Yahoo! ( or by accessing the company’s own web page.








Babcock International
BAE Systems
British American Tobacco
BT Group
Compass Group
Dixons Carphone
Imperial Brands
InterContinental Hotels Group
Marks & Spencer
National Grid
Reckitt Benckiser
Rio Tinto Group
Rolls-Royce Holdings
Sage Group
Sainsbury (J)
Severn Trent
British American Tobacco
Smith & Nephew
United Utilities
WPP Group