The operation of the operation of diverse and complex

3 | Presentation and Written Assessment (20%) Due Date Friday (09-Feb-2018) 05:00 PM AEST Return Date Monday (12-Feb-2018) Conditions No Conditions Task Description This assessment item requires you to consider:- The operation of the operation of diverse and complex government and non-government project contractural arrangements relevant to a range of managed services, ICT, and build agreements; Common arguments using logic, persuasion and influence factors as commonly applied to conflicting and/or competing stakeholder agendas; Methods of project negotiation, conflict management, and stakeholder engagement across projects consisting of differing technology standards and asset lifecycles. You must describe the above in the context of the theories and principles as espoused by researches and experts in the field. You must submit a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and then make a presentation to your peers that discusses and explains your insights to the above (flex students will answer questions over the phone). You must also submit a written set of presentation notes or script that matches your presentation. The notes can be either part of your PowerPoint presentation or written and submitted separately in Microsoft Word. You are encouraged to use assignment output and ideas that you may have developed from previous assignments within this unit as supporting evidence for your presentation. Task Your task is to consider the three learning outcomes in the context of this unit. You must then make a presentation of 15 minutes length that summarises the learning outcomes below and how they relate to the spectrum of the major project domains discussed during the unit (flex students will answer questions over the phone). Once your 15 minute presentation has been made you must be prepared to answer questions for 10 minutes from unit participants. You will be graded based on how well you have made your presentation and described, discussed, explained and critically analysed the project management theories and principles according to these assignment instructions. Purpose The primary purpose of this assessment item is to help you to develop and demonstrate your skills in the use of project management concepts, principles, theories and arguments about commercial project management negotiation. You are particularly required to demonstrate your ability to differentiate aspects of commercial negotiation as it relates to different projects and organisations. You must then be able to analyse and argue what type of commercial negotiation theories and concepts will enable better or worse project outcomes. The secondary purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to enhance your analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills; particularly in the areas of argument development and oral presentation. Structure Your presentation should be a properly constructed academic presentation. It should contain an effective introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should introduce the presentation and include your major arguments. The body should present the evidence you have collected to support your arguments, and the conclusion should restate your arguments, summarise the evidence and make a conclusion regarding your arguments. The presentation should contain a coherent, but necessarily restricted review of the academic literature on the project management topics in question. Your literature review should be integrated into the presentation, not a separate section. Do not include an executive summary or an abstract. A reference list formatted in the prescribed Harvard style is compulsory. Do not include a bibliography. This assessment item involves researching your assigned topic to enhance your understanding of project management concepts and utilisation of academic literature. Whilst you should use the recommended textbooks you may also refer to relevant peer reviewed, academic journal articles. You will be expected to present information and evidence from, and cite, at least twenty (20) times from the text book material from the unit. You are also encouraged to cite other material that is peer reviewed.

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