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Assignment Task 1

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Task 1 – Strategy Report (1,400 words – 40% of the marks)

Produce a 1,400 word report which completes sub-tasks 1 to 3 below: 1. Using appropriate tools, critically evaluate the operating environment of your chosen case study company 2. Complete a strategic analysis 3. Propose a strategic change management plan It is expected that appropriate models, academic sources and good practice theory will be applied and be academically rigorous to support your work. Your work must be based on CMI and Module related learning materials. You will lose marks if this is not the case. Your report must be based on the case study interview – you will fail if this is not the case. We expect that the Task 1 report which consists of 1,400 words will be structured as follows:

  1. Cover Sheet and Contents Page (This does not add to the word count)
  2. A Short introduction to the Case Study company (100 words), based on the case study interview
  3. Define Drivers of Change. Use Burke & Litwin to outline external and internal pressures. Apply case study evidence with detail to EITHER Burke & Litwin OR PESTLE OR McKinsey 7s analysis in the form of a table. There is no need to cover all the components of Burke & Litwin / PESTLE / McKinsey 7s. To reiterate – you can use Burke & Litwin to outline Drivers of Change AND analyse Drivers of Change. If you are using Burke & Litwin to analyse Drivers of Change, you do not have to use PESTLE or McKinsey 7s. NOTE – Tables do not add to the word count. Do NOT use SWOT. (500 words).
  4. Strategy – Define, Model, Evidence, Apply highlighting the current strategy and the proposed strategy using the same Strategy model. (300 words)
  5. Change and Change Management – Define, Model, Evidence, Apply highlighting the process by which you will manage the change programme recognising the effect that the change will have on employees. (500 words)
  6. the last page is References – don’t forget to cite relevant information throughout. References do not add to the word count.

This analysis will inform the content of Task 2. and support your reflection in Task 3.