The meaning of effectiveness

Reflective Essay instructions The meaning of effectiveness Consider this question – which university is more effective – Melbourne or Sydney? On the face of it, this question cannot be answered in a meaningful way – the answer depends on the criteria you use to evaluate effectiveness. And, the choice of criteria places boundaries around the concept of effectiveness and gives it specific meaning. For this assignment, we would like you to think about an organisation that you have a significant interaction with. It may be your workplace, the University, a hospital or other service provider. Provide a response to the following questions: • What is the purpose of the organisation? What is the scope of its operations? • From your perspective, what criteria would use to evaluate the effectiveness of this organisation? Justify your selection of the criteria. • Now consider the criteria that two other stakeholder groups of the organisation might use of evaluate its effectiveness. Stakeholder groups may include the owners, employees, customers, creditors, community, suppliers or the Government. • What do you conclude from this this analysis of effectiveness from the perspective of different stakeholders? What are the implications for the development of a coherent approach to organisational effectiveness’