the corner of the sandpit. Declan picked up the one spade

Child name; Declan date; 09/01/2018 Age; 9 months old Setting; outdoor sandpit area pre-service teacher; Evon Sand play This afternoon Declan choose to play in the sandpit himself. Then he reached to the sandpit and sat in the corner of the sandpit. Declan picked up the one spade with his left hand and he covers his feet with the sand. He seemed to be experimenting with the sand because he tastes the sand. Declan loved to feel sand on his feet and hands also Declan love to see sand running through his finger. Declan is always happy when he is playing with sand in the sandpit. Declan looked over occasionally and smile when he saw what other children are doing. I went over to sit next Declan and I asked ” where is my Declan. What are you doing ” he nodded his head, smile and communicating using bubbling voice. Declan holds a strainer using one hand he tries to fill the sand using his right-hand. I show you hold strainer with two hands and put it on your head with the sand. after that you took two spades on your both hand and began scooping to sand at the same time you shuffle your both legs in the sandpit. Analysing Declan learning and development link with EYLF , I saw Declan had great time in the sand pit today. I observed Declan you well develop your fine motor skills such as holding items without losing balance also you are developing your grasping skills pick up the cups and move one hand to other hand even pass spades to the educator when I asked can you give it to me “TAA””. Declan, you are become good listener and can imitates sound and actions. You recognise your name when I am calling your name. when I respond to your needs and interest meaningfully also communicate positive, it helps Declan to build a secure attachment with me and the educators who in the room such as playing with Declan with the sand pour sand on to his legs and help Declan to fill sand in to the cup. . Learning outcomes 1; children have a strong sense of identity “children feel safe, secure and supported and children develop their autonomy, inner-dependence resilience and sense of agency and children learn to interact in relation to other with care empathy and respect”. Declan was confidently show his interest and what he would likes to do on his own way. the educator remained sit next to him and give confidence to continue to play with the sand. Learning outcomes 3; use their sensory capabilities and dispositions with increasing integration skill and purpose to explore and respond to their world when I offered another spade, Declan you can release spade or small bucket and you enable to hold two spades with your both hands. (fine motor skills and he develops hand and eye coordination skills Learning outcomes 4; children are confident and involved learners Declan is a confident learner exploring objects and toys around his world by touching and feel and see, also he likes to investigate objects holding his hand scanning objects turning and rolling objects with his hand. Declan follows and extends his interest with enthusiasm, energy and concentrating play in the sandpit every day. Declan, you begin to understand sand is soft and light it runs through your fingers, and I noticed you were doing the same action few times. You held sand on to your hand then release the sand lifting your hand up. Evaluation; Sand play experience enhance children’s physical, cognitive, language and social skills. This experience incorporates all of Declan’s sense as he played such as what he did and how he played with the sand. How Declan manipulated sandpit toys. Declan is exploring his world using all his senses. I will plan further experiences to Declan enhance his interest and skills. Create an opportunity to try new textures. Declan has been enjoying spending good time in the sand pit and play with the sand etc. Declan also enjoying throwing sand and moving toys from his hand in the sand pit. It was beautiful moment to see Declan enjoying with more sensory play experience as well as he well develops his fine motor skills. Further develop his interest for sensory play experience I will plan water play experience with floating objects and sensory board experience. Also, I will encourage Declan by asking questions while he is playing with sensory experience.

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